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Search for statute range from 81-8,128 to 81-8,142
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81-8,128 State Athletic Commissioner; appointment; term; salary; bond or insurance; assistants. Print Friendly
81-8,128.01 State Athletic Commissioner; salary increase; when effective. Print Friendly
81-8,129 State Athletic Commissioner; jurisdiction; activities covered. Print Friendly
81-8,129.01 State Athletic Commissioner's Cash Fund; created; receipts; disbursements. Print Friendly
81-8,130 Amateur mixed martial arts matches or exhibitions; license; fee. Print Friendly
81-8,130.01 Professional matches; promoters; licenses and permits; fee. Print Friendly
81-8,131 Mixed martial arts, defined. Print Friendly
81-8,132 Licensee; bond; conditions. Print Friendly
81-8,133 Referees; license; duties; fee. Print Friendly
81-8,133.01 Other officials and contestants; license required; fees; revocation of license. Print Friendly
81-8,134 Boxing, mixed martial arts, or sparring matches; rules governing. Print Friendly
81-8,135 Licensee; reports; contents; gross receipts tax; amounts. Print Friendly
81-8,136 Tickets; sale; commissioner may supervise. Print Friendly
81-8,137 License; revocation or suspension; grounds. Print Friendly
81-8,138 Contestants; compensation; when payable; fake contests. Print Friendly
81-8,139 State Athletic Commissioner; rules and regulations; powers; suspension of contestant from competition; fine; hearing; notice. Print Friendly
81-8,139.01 Repealed. Laws 2013, LB 78, § 23. Print Friendly
81-8,140 Repealed. Laws 1981, LB 545, § 52. Print Friendly
81-8,141 Licensee; reports; failure to make; investigation; determination of tax; failure to pay; effect. Print Friendly
81-8,142 Violations; penalty. Print Friendly