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79-978 Terms, defined. Print Friendly
79-978.01 Act, how cited. Print Friendly
79-979 Class V school district; employees' retirement system; established. Print Friendly
79-980 Employees retirement system; administration; board of trustees; members; terms; vacancy; expenses; liability. Print Friendly
79-981 Employees retirement system; board of trustees; rules and regulations; administrator; employees compensation; records required. Print Friendly
79-982 Employees retirement system; board of trustees; meetings; duties. Print Friendly
79-982.01 Employees retirement system; board of trustees; duties. Print Friendly
79-982.02 Employees retirement system; investment of assets; board of trustees; duties; plan for transition of investment authority; contents; costs, fees, and expenses; state investment officer; report. Print Friendly
79-983 Employees retirement system; administrator; appointment; retirement system staff. Print Friendly
79-984 Employees retirement system; actuary; duties. Print Friendly
79-985 Employees retirement system; legal advisor. Print Friendly
79-986 Employees retirement system; school district as treasurer; when; duties; State Treasurer as treasurer; when; duties. Print Friendly
79-987 Employees retirement system; audits; cost; report. Print Friendly
79-988 Employees retirement system; membership; separate employment; effect. Print Friendly
79-988.01 Repealed. Laws 2016, LB447, § 54. Print Friendly
79-989 Employees retirement system; board of education; records available; information not considered public record. Print Friendly
79-990 Employees retirement system; time served in armed forces or on leave of absence; resignation for maternity purposes; effect. Print Friendly
79-991 Employees retirement system; member; prior service credit; how obtained. Print Friendly
79-992 Employees retirement system; termination of employment; refunds; reemployment. Print Friendly
79-992.01 Termination of employment; employer; duties; member; duties. Print Friendly
79-992.02 False or fraudulent claim or benefit application; prohibited acts; penalty. Print Friendly
79-993 Reemployment; repay contributions; limitation; effect. Print Friendly
79-994 Employee of another school district; contribution; limitation; effect. Print Friendly
79-995 Reemployment; military service; leave of absence; contribution; limitation; effect. Print Friendly
79-996 Contributions; how paid. Print Friendly
79-997 Employee of educational service unit; contribution; limitation; effect. Print Friendly
79-998 Additional service credits; accept payments and rollovers; limitations; how treated; tax consequences; direct transfer to retirement plan. Print Friendly
79-999 Employees retirement system; annuity; how credited. Print Friendly
79-9,100 Employees retirement system; formula retirement annuity; computation. Print Friendly
79-9,100.01 Employees retirement system; annuity reductions; when; computation. Print Friendly
79-9,101 Employees retirement system; annuity; election; remaining payments. Print Friendly
79-9,102 Employees retirement system; annuity or other benefit; limitations. Print Friendly
79-9,103 Annuity payment; cost-of-living adjustments; additional adjustments. Print Friendly
79-9,104 Employees retirement system; annuities; benefits; exempt from claims of creditors; exceptions. Print Friendly
79-9,105 Employees retirement system; member; disability; benefits. Print Friendly
79-9,106 Employees retirement system; member; death; effect; survivorship annuity; amount; direct transfer to retirement plan; death while performing qualified military service; additional death benefit. Print Friendly
79-9,107 Employees retirement system; funds; investment; violations; penalty. Print Friendly
79-9,108 Employees retirement system; funds; investment. Print Friendly
79-9,109 Employees retirement system; investments; default of principal or interest; trustees; powers and duties. Print Friendly
79-9,110 Employees retirement system; investments; mortgages on real property, when. Print Friendly
79-9,111 Employees retirement system; investments; board of trustees; powers and duties; state investment officer; powers and duties. Print Friendly
79-9,112 Repealed. Laws 2001, LB 711, § 21. Print Friendly
79-9,113 Employees retirement system; federal Social Security Act; state retirement plan; how affected; required contributions; payment; membership service annuity; computations. Print Friendly
79-9,114 Employees retirement system; federal Social Security Act; agreement; coverage group. Print Friendly
79-9,115 Employees retirement system; Class V School Employees Retirement Fund; created; use; expenses; payment. Print Friendly
79-9,116 Applicability of sections. Print Friendly
79-9,117 Board of trustees; establish preretirement planning program; for whom; required information; funding; attendance; fee. Print Friendly
79-9,118 Participation in retirement system; qualification. Print Friendly