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76-1401 Act, how cited.
76-1402 Purposes; rules of construction.
76-1403 Supplementary principles of law applicable.
76-1404 Construction against implicit repeal.
76-1405 Remedies; administration and enforcement; duty to mitigate damages.
76-1406 Settlement; authorized.
76-1407 Jurisdiction; territorial application.
76-1408 Exclusions from application of act.
76-1409 Courts; jurisdiction.
76-1410 Terms, defined.
76-1411 Obligation of good faith.
76-1412 Unconscionability.
76-1413 Notice.
76-1414 Terms and conditions of rental agreement; death of tenant; removal of personal property; liability.
76-1415 Prohibited provisions in rental agreements.
76-1416 Security deposits; prepaid rent.
76-1417 Disclosure.
76-1418 Landlord to supply possession of dwelling unit.
76-1419 Landlord to maintain fit premises.
76-1420 Limitation of liability.
76-1421 Tenant to maintain dwelling unit.
76-1422 Rules and regulations.
76-1423 Access.
76-1424 Tenant to use and occupy.
76-1425 Noncompliance by landlord.
76-1426 Failure to deliver possession.
76-1427 Wrongful failure to supply heat, water, hot water, or essential services.
76-1428 Landlord's noncompliance as defense to action for possession.
76-1429 Fire or casualty damage.
76-1430 Tenant's remedies for landlord's unlawful ouster, exclusion, or diminution of service.
76-1431 Noncompliance; failure to pay rent; effect; violent criminal activity upon premises; landlord; powers; exceptions.
76-1431.01 Tenant; victim of an act of domestic violence; release from rental agreement; conditions; effect.
76-1432 Remedies for absence, nonuse, and abandonment.
76-1433 Waiver of landlord's right to terminate.
76-1434 Landlord liens; distraint of property; prohibited.
76-1435 Remedy for termination.
76-1436 Recovery of possession limited.
76-1437 Periodic tenancy; holdover remedies.
76-1438 Landlord and tenant remedies for abuse of access or entry.
76-1439 Retaliatory conduct prohibited.
76-1440 Action for possession.
76-1441 Complaint for restitution; filing; contents.
76-1442 Summons; contents; issuance; service; when; affidavit of service.
76-1442.01 Summons; alternative method of service; affidavit; contents.
76-1443 Continuance; when.
76-1444 Default of defendant.
76-1445 Defendant may appear and answer.
76-1446 Trial; judgment; limitation; writ of restitution; issuance.
76-1447 Appeal; effect.
76-1448 Act; applicability.
76-1449 Transactions entered into before effective date; effect.
76-1450 Act, how cited.
76-1451 Purposes; construction.
76-1452 Supplementary principles of law applicable.
76-1453 Remedies; administration and enforcement; duty to mitigate damages.
76-1454 Settlement of claim or right.
76-1455 Public housing; not subject to act.
76-1456 Jurisdiction and service of process.
76-1457 Definitions, where found.
76-1458 Business, defined.
76-1459 Dwelling unit, defined.
76-1460 Good faith, defined.
76-1461 Housing code, defined.
76-1462 Landlord, defined.
76-1463 Mobile home, defined.
76-1464 Mobile home park, defined.
76-1465 Mobile home space, defined.
76-1466 Owner, defined.
76-1467 Rent, defined.
76-1468 Rental agreement, defined.
76-1469 Rental deposit, defined.
76-1470 Sublessee, defined.
76-1471 Tenant, defined.
76-1472 Obligation of good faith.
76-1473 Unconscionability.
76-1474 Notice.
76-1475 Terms and conditions of rental agreement.
76-1476 Mobile home space improvements; ownership; duty of tenant.
76-1477 Prohibited provisions in oral rental agreements.
76-1478 Receipt of rent free of obligation; prohibited.
76-1479 Disclosure.
76-1480 Failure to disclose; effect.
76-1481 Written rental agreement; delivery.
76-1482 Explanation of utility charges and services; required; when.
76-1483 Rental deposit; limitation.
76-1484 Rental deposit; how handled.
76-1485 Rental deposit; return; withholdings; considered abandoned property; when.
76-1486 Rental deposit; failure to provide written statement; effect.
76-1487 Termination of landlord's interest in park; deposit; how treated.
76-1488 Landlord's successor in interest; rights and obligations.
76-1489 Rental deposit; unlawful retention; damages.
76-1490 Rent increase; written notice.
76-1491 Landlord deliver possession of mobile home space.
76-1492 Landlord; duties; powers.
76-1493 Tenant; duties.
76-1494 Landlord; rules and regulations.
76-1495 Landlord; prohibited acts.
76-1496 Landlord; access.
76-1497 Tenant; authority to rent to another.
76-1498 Noncompliance by landlord; tenant's rights.
76-1499 Landlord; failure to deliver possession; remedies.
76-14,100 Landlord; removal or exclusion of tenant; failure to supply services; tenant; remedies.
76-14,101 Noncompliance by tenant; landlord's rights.
76-14,102 Noncompliance by tenant affecting health and safety; landlord's rights.
76-14,103 Failure to enforce rights; effect on subsequent enforcement.
76-14,104 Termination of tenancy; action for possession and damages.
76-14,105 Violation of access rights; remedies.
76-14,106 Retaliatory conduct prohibited; remedies; landlord action for possession; when.
76-14,107 Landlord, manager; relieved of liability; when.
76-14,108 Death of tenant; effect.
76-14,109 Removal of abandoned mobile home; conditions.
76-14,110 Landlord; assessment contract authorized.
76-14,111 Applicability of act.