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72-1237 Nebraska Investment Council; created; members; appointment; term; vacancy; immunity. Print Friendly
72-1237.01 Repealed. Laws 1997, LB 4, § 6. Print Friendly
72-1238 Nebraska Investment Council; members; qualifications. Print Friendly
72-1239 Nebraska Investment Council; purpose; members; meetings; compensation; expenses. Print Friendly
72-1239.01 Council; duties and responsibilities. Print Friendly
72-1240 State investment officer; appointment; qualifications; salary; removal. Print Friendly
72-1241 State investment officer; deputy; duties; bond or insurance. Print Friendly
72-1242 State investment officer; personnel; employ; approval of Governor; employees; duties; exempted from State Personnel System; when. Print Friendly
72-1243 State investment officer; investment and reinvestment of funds; duties; council; analysis required; plan; contents. Print Friendly
72-1244 State Treasurer; boards, commissions, departments, and agencies; money to invest; notify state investment officer; conditions. Print Friendly
72-1245 Repealed. Laws 1971, LB 152, § 7. Print Friendly
72-1246 State investment officer; investments; duties. Print Friendly
72-1246.01 Student loans; purchase. Print Friendly
72-1246.02 Student loans; sale; resale; conditions. Print Friendly
72-1246.03 Student loans; Nebraska State Colleges; service loans; security. Print Friendly
72-1246.04 Student loans; purchasing, selling, servicing; approval. Print Friendly
72-1246.05 Student loans; priority; liquidation of investments; prior investments, how treated; interest. Print Friendly
72-1246.06 Repealed. Laws 2011, LB 303, § 1. Print Friendly
72-1246.07 Repealed. Laws 2011, LB 303, § 1. Print Friendly
72-1246.08 Repealed. Laws 2011, LB 303, § 1. Print Friendly
72-1247 Repealed. Laws 2002, LB 407, § 67. Print Friendly
72-1248 Income from investments; disbursement. Print Friendly
72-1249 Expenses; costs; how paid. Print Friendly
72-1249.01 Repealed. Laws 1977, LB 364, § 2. Print Friendly
72-1249.02 State Investment Officer's Cash Fund; created; allocation of charges to funds managed; costs; how paid. Print Friendly
72-1250 Securities in custody of State Treasurer; held in name of nominee; registered nominee; selection. Print Friendly
72-1250.01 Cash funds deposited with fiscal agent; constitute investment made by state investment officer. Print Friendly
72-1251 State Treasurer; interest, premium, income, and principal; collect. Print Friendly
72-1252 State investment officer; earned income; notice. Print Friendly
72-1253 Repealed. Laws 2003, LB 149, § 8. Print Friendly
72-1254 State investment officer; operations; report; contents; public inspection. Print Friendly
72-1255 Investment transactions; Auditor of Public Accounts; postaudits; report. Print Friendly
72-1256 Repealed. Laws 1981, LB 545, § 52. Print Friendly
72-1257 Default; proceedings. Print Friendly
72-1258 Investment of state funds; boards, commissions, departments, agencies, officials; powers and duties. Print Friendly
72-1259 State investment officer; political subdivisions; assistance; fee. Print Friendly
72-1260 Act, how cited. Print Friendly
72-1261 Declaration of intent. Print Friendly
72-1262 Terms, defined. Print Friendly
72-1263 State investment officer; time deposit open account; conditions. Print Friendly
72-1264 Funds; when offered; time deposit open account; state investment officer; powers. Print Friendly
72-1265 State investment officer; deposits; fix interest rate and term; legislative intent. Print Friendly
72-1266 Nebraska Investment Council; adopt rules and regulations. Print Friendly
72-1267 State investment officer; combine and pool investable funds; when; prorate interest. Print Friendly
72-1268 Depositories; eligibility for funds; bond or bond alternatives. Print Friendly
72-1268.01 Funds deposited; bond; requirements. Print Friendly
72-1268.02 Bond; form. Print Friendly
72-1268.03 State investment officer; limitation on deposits. Print Friendly
72-1268.04 Depository; bond alternatives; requirements. Print Friendly
72-1268.05 Repealed. Laws 1996, LB 1274, § 57. Print Friendly
72-1268.06 Repealed. Laws 1996, LB 1274, § 57. Print Friendly
72-1268.07 Subsidiary bank of out-of-state bank holding company; filing required; deposit of public funds; restriction; applicability and construction of section. Print Friendly
72-1269 Act, how cited. Print Friendly