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43-1226 Act, how cited.
43-1227 Terms, defined.
43-1228 Proceedings governed by other law.
43-1229 Application to Indian tribes.
43-1230 International application of act.
43-1231 Effect of child custody determination.
43-1232 Priority.
43-1233 Notice to persons outside state.
43-1234 Appearance and limited immunity.
43-1235 Communication between courts.
43-1236 Taking testimony in another state.
43-1237 Cooperation between courts; preservation of records.
43-1238 Initial child custody jurisdiction.
43-1239 Exclusive, continuing jurisdiction.
43-1240 Jurisdiction to modify determination.
43-1241 Temporary emergency jurisdiction.
43-1242 Notice; opportunity to be heard; joinder.
43-1243 Simultaneous proceedings.
43-1244 Inconvenient forum.
43-1245 Jurisdiction declined by reason of conduct.
43-1246 Information to be submitted to court.
43-1247 Appearance of parties and child.
43-1248 Enforcement provisions; terms, defined.
43-1249 Enforcement under Hague Convention.
43-1250 Duty to enforce.
43-1251 Temporary visitation.
43-1252 Registration of child custody determination.
43-1253 Enforcement of registered determination.
43-1254 Simultaneous proceedings.
43-1255 Expedited enforcement of child custody determination.
43-1256 Service of petition and order.
43-1257 Hearing and order.
43-1258 Warrant to take physical custody of child.
43-1259 Costs, fees, and expenses.
43-1260 Recognition and enforcement.
43-1261 Appeals.
43-1262 Role of county attorney or Attorney General.
43-1263 Role of law enforcement.
43-1264 Costs and expenses.
43-1265 Application and construction.
43-1266 Motion or other request under prior law; how treated.