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Search for statute range from 42-1101 to 42-1113
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42-1101 Act, how cited.
42-1102 Terms, defined.
42-1103 Qualified domestic relations order; requirements.
42-1104 Order; payment of benefits; alternate payee.
42-1105 Order; form of benefit payment.
42-1106 Death of alternate payee; effect.
42-1107 Order; surviving spouse; payment option.
42-1108 Order; alternate payee; file with board; notice.
42-1109 Rules and regulations.
42-1110 Qualified domestic relations order; how determined; procedure.
42-1111 Director; separate accounting required; when; investment authority.
42-1112 Order filed prior to July 19, 1996; applicability.
42-1113 Liability.