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Search for statute range from 29-4001 to 29-4014
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29-4001 Act, how cited.
29-4001.01 Terms, defined.
29-4002 Legislative findings.
29-4003 Applicability of act.
29-4004 Registration; location; sheriff; duties; Nebraska State Patrol; duties; name-change order; treatment.
29-4005 Registration duration; reduction in time; request; proof.
29-4006 Registration format; contents; verification; name change; duties; information provided to sheriff; violation; warrant.
29-4007 Sentencing court; duties; Department of Correctional Services or local facility; Department of Motor Vehicles; notification requirements; Attorney General; approve form.
29-4008 False or misleading information prohibited; updates required.
29-4009 Information not confidential; limit on disclosure.
29-4010 Repealed. Laws 2009, LB 285, § 17.
29-4011 Violations; penalties; investigation and enforcement.
29-4012 Immunity from liability.
29-4013 Rules and regulations; release of information; duties; access to public notification information; access to documents.
29-4014 Person committed to Department of Correctional Services; attend sex offender treatment and counseling programming.