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Search for statute range from 18-2701 to 18-2739
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18-2701 Act, how cited. Print Friendly
18-2702 Legislative findings. Print Friendly
18-2703 Definitions, where found. Print Friendly
18-2703.01 Advanced telecommunications capability, defined. Print Friendly
18-2704 City, defined. Print Friendly
18-2705 Economic development program, defined. Print Friendly
18-2706 Election, defined. Print Friendly
18-2707 Financial institution, defined. Print Friendly
18-2708 Local sources of revenue, defined. Print Friendly
18-2709 Qualifying business, defined. Print Friendly
18-2709.01 Workforce housing plan, defined. Print Friendly
18-2710 Economic development program; proposed plan, contents. Print Friendly
18-2710.01 Economic development program; housing for low-income or moderate-income persons; proposed plan; contents; eligibility criteria. Print Friendly
18-2710.02 Economic development program; workforce housing plan; proposed plan; contents. Print Friendly
18-2710.03 Economic development program; applicant; certification regarding tax incentives; city consider information. Print Friendly
18-2711 Land purchase; creation of loan fund; additional requirements. Print Friendly
18-2712 Public hearing; governing body; adopt resolution; filing. Print Friendly
18-2713 Election; procedures. Print Friendly
18-2714 Economic development program; established by ordinance; amendment; repeal; procedures. Print Friendly
18-2715 Citizen advisory review committee; membership; meetings; powers; unauthorized disclosure of information; penalty. Print Friendly
18-2716 Expenditures; budget. Print Friendly
18-2717 Appropriations; restrictions. Print Friendly
18-2718 Economic development fund; required; use; investment; termination of program; effect; continuation of program; election. Print Friendly
18-2719 Loan fund program; qualifying business; documentation required. Print Friendly
18-2720 Loan fund program; loan servicing requirements. Print Friendly
18-2721 Audit. Print Friendly
18-2722 Continuation of program; election; procedure. Print Friendly
18-2723 Appropriations and expenditures; exempt. Print Friendly
18-2724 Issuance of bonds; purpose; not general obligation of city. Print Friendly
18-2725 Issuance of bonds; immunity. Print Friendly
18-2726 Issuance of bonds; authorization; form. Print Friendly
18-2727 Bonds; negotiability; sale. Print Friendly
18-2728 Bonds; officers' signatures; validity. Print Friendly
18-2729 Issuance of bonds; city covenants and powers. Print Friendly
18-2730 Refunding bonds; issuance authorized. Print Friendly
18-2731 Refunding bonds; use; holder of bonds; payment of interest. Print Friendly
18-2732 Refunding bonds; deposit of proceeds in trust; investments authorized; section, how construed. Print Friendly
18-2733 Refunding bonds; general provisions applicable. Print Friendly
18-2734 Issuance of bonds; consent or other conditions not required. Print Friendly
18-2735 Bonds; securities; investment authorized. Print Friendly
18-2736 Bonds; tax exempt. Print Friendly
18-2737 Economic development program approved prior to June 1, 1993; bond issuance; authorized; procedure. Print Friendly
18-2738 Act; supplemental powers; how construed. Print Friendly
18-2739 Production of films, commercials, and television programs; qualifying business; duties. Print Friendly