84-1504. Deferred compensation; treatment; participation; requirements.

(1) The Public Employees Retirement Board, on behalf of the state, may contract with any individual to defer a portion of such individual's compensation or with the Legislative Council to defer any other amount that the Legislative Council agrees to credit to an individual's account pursuant to section 457 of the Internal Revenue Code.

(2) The compensation to be deferred at the election of the individual and any other amount credited on behalf of such individual by the Legislative Council shall not exceed the total compensation to be received by the individual from the employer or exceed the limits established by the Internal Revenue Code for such a plan.

(3) The deferred compensation program shall serve in addition to but not be a part of any existing retirement or pension system provided for state or county employees or any other benefit program.

(4) Any compensation deferred at the election of the individual under such a deferred compensation plan shall continue to be included as regular compensation for the purpose of computing the retirement, pension, or social security contributions made or benefits earned by any employee.

(5) Any sum so deferred shall not be included in the computation of any federal or state taxes withheld on behalf of any such individual.

(6) The state, the board, the state investment officer, the agency, or the county shall not be responsible for any investment results entered into by the individual in the deferred compensation agreement.

(7) Nothing in this section shall in any way limit, restrict, alter, amend, invalidate, or nullify any deferred compensation plan previously instituted by any instrumentality or agency of the State of Nebraska, and any such plan is hereby authorized and approved.

(8) On and after July 1, 2010, no employee of the state or any political subdivision of the state shall be authorized to participate in a deferred compensation plan unless the employee (a) is a United States citizen or (b) is a qualified alien under the federal Immigration and Nationality Act, 8 U.S.C. 1101 et seq., as such act existed on January 1, 2009, and is lawfully present in the United States.

(9) For purposes of this section, individual means (a) any state employee, whether employed on a permanent or temporary basis, full-time or part-time, (b) a person under contract providing services to the state who is not employed by the University of Nebraska or any of the state colleges or community colleges and who has entered into a contract with the state to have compensation deferred prior to August 28, 1999, and (c) any county employee designated as a permanent part-time or full-time employee or elected official whose employer does not offer a deferred compensation plan and who has entered into an agreement pursuant to section 48-1401.

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84-1505. Deferred compensation; treatment; investment.

(1) All compensation deferred under the plan, all property and rights purchased with the deferred compensation, and all investment income attributable to the deferred compensation, property, or rights shall be held in trust for the exclusive benefit of participants and their beneficiaries by the State of Nebraska until such time as payments shall be paid under the terms of the deferred compensation plan. All such assets held in trust shall be invested by the state investment officer pursuant to the Nebraska Capital Expansion Act and the Nebraska State Funds Investment Act.

(2) The State Treasurer shall be the custodian of the funds and securities of the deferred compensation plan and may deposit the funds and securities in any financial institution approved by the Nebraska Investment Council. All disbursements therefrom shall be paid by him or her only upon vouchers duly authorized by the retirement board. The State Treasurer shall furnish annually to the retirement board a sworn statement of the amount of the funds in his or her custody belonging to the deferred compensation plan, which statement shall be as of the calendar year ending December 31 of each year.

(3) All compensation deferred under the plan, all property and rights purchased with the deferred compensation, and all investment income attributable to the deferred compensation, property, or rights shall not be subject to garnishment, attachment, levy, the operation of bankruptcy or insolvency laws, or any other process of law whatsoever and shall not be assignable.

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84-1506. Deferred compensation; availability and distribution of funds; Deferred Compensation Fund; created.

(1) Under the deferred compensation plan, any amount shall not be available to the participant or beneficiary prior to (a) the calendar year in which the participant attains age seventy and one-half years, (b) when the participant is separated from service with the state, or (c) when the participant has an unforeseeable emergency as determined by the Public Employees Retirement Board. The deferred compensation plan shall meet the minimum distribution requirements of section 457 of the Internal Revenue Code. Distribution shall be made as provided in subsection (2) of this section or sections 84-1509 and 84-1510.

(2) For amounts under the deferred compensation plan which are not provided for under an administrative services agreement pursuant to section 84-1509, payments and benefits shall be deposited in the Deferred Compensation Fund which is hereby created. The State Treasurer shall make payments to the employees from the Deferred Compensation Fund.

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84-1506.01. Deferred Compensation Expense Fund; created; use; investment.

All expenses necessary in connection with the administration and operation of the deferred compensation plan authorized in section 84-1504 shall be paid from the Deferred Compensation Expense Fund which is hereby created. The fund shall be credited with the proportionate share of administration expenses from the deferred compensation plan assets and income as directed by the Public Employees Retirement Board for the proper administration of the plan. Any money in the fund available for investment shall be invested by the state investment officer pursuant to the Nebraska Capital Expansion Act and the Nebraska State Funds Investment Act.

Source:Laws 1997, LB 623, § 51.

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84-1507. Actuarial reports; statement of actuarial assumptions and methods; actuarial valuations and experience investigations; prepared; actuary; certified by Public Employees Retirement Board.

All actuarial reports, statements of actuarial assumptions and methods, and actuarial valuations and experience investigations required for any retirement system in Nebraska covering employees of any political subdivision in the state and supported, in whole or in part, by Nebraska tax dollars shall be prepared and signed by an actuary certified as qualified by the Public Employees Retirement Board. Such certification may be applied for by written request to the Public Employees Retirement Board.

Source:Laws 1973, LB 297, § 1; R.S.Supp.,1974, § 84-1315.01.
84-1508. Repealed. Laws 1996, LB 847, § 62.
84-1509. Administrative services agreement; authorized.

The Public Employees Retirement Board may enter into an administrative services agreement with an organization authorized to conduct business in Nebraska and to administer public employee deferred compensation retirement plans. No such agreement shall be entered into unless the board determines that it will result in administrative economy and will be in the best interests of the state and its participating employees.

Source:Laws 1979, LB 411, § 3; Laws 1994, LB 460, § 4; Laws 1996, LB 847, § 58.
84-1510. Administrative services agreement; terms.

The agreement authorized by section 84-1509 shall provide:

(1) That the organization shall make all disbursements under the contract or contracts issued by it, such disbursements to be made in such manner and amounts as directed by the state whether on account of retirement, termination of services, total disability, or death;

(2) That the organization shall include with each disbursement a statement showing the gross payment, any taxes withheld, and the net amount paid and an annual statement of account;

(3) That the organization shall furnish to the board a monthly statement of all disbursements and withholdings as stipulated in the agreement;

(4) Hold-harmless clauses protecting each party thereto from the negligent acts of the other or for any loss or claim against one party resulting from release of incorrect or misleading information furnished by the other party;

(5) For the right of the state, either directly or through independent auditors, to examine and audit the organization's records and accounts relating to disbursements made under the agreement;

(6) Protection to the state against assignment of the agreement or the subletting of work done or services furnished under the agreement;

(7) For termination of the agreement; and

(8) Such other terms as may be agreed upon and which the board determines to be in the best interest of the state and its participating employees.

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