3-155. Real property formerly used as army airfields; disposal; conditions.

(1) The division is hereby authorized and directed to dispose of all real property held by the division and formerly used by the United States as army airfields, and which is not required for airport operational use purposes. The division shall seek approval from the Federal Aviation Administration to dispose of such property. The property may be platted and subdivided into lots or parcels to be sold separately so as to obtain the greatest total sale price.

(2) The division shall dedicate the necessary roads for airport access and shall reserve such easements for access, utilities, drainage, and other purposes as may be necessary or convenient to maintain the airports as operational. The sales may be made subject to such terms, conditions, and restrictions as may be required by the deeds by which such property was conveyed to the State of Nebraska by the Federal Aviation Administration. When approval is received, the division shall have such property appraised by noninterested appraisers qualified to make appraisals based on experience and who have professional status as appraisers of real property. The appraisers shall be selected by the division based on competitive bids received after three weeks' notice of invitation for bids has been published in at least two newspapers of general circulation throughout the state. The notice shall state that the selection shall be made of the lowest and best qualified bidders and that the division reserves the right to reject any and all bids and to readvertise for further bids.

(3) Each appraiser's report shall contain (a) an opinion as to the fair market value of the lands appraised, showing a segregation of actual land value, elements and basis of damage, and depreciated in place value of buildings and improvements, if any, (b) a report of income derived from the land in recent years, (c) the adaptability of the land, including the most profitable or highest and best use, (d) a report of a personal inspection of the lands appraised, including a detailed description of their physical characteristics and conditions, (e) the general history of the property and its environs, and a statement of the character of the area surrounding the land being appraised, indicating any of the favorable and unfavorable influences, (f) a listing of recent sales of similar property in the area, showing seller, purchaser, date of sale, selling price, acreage involved, buildings and improvements involved, if any, and an estimate of the value of such improvements, and if there is a difference in value between comparable sales and the property appraised, a discussion of the difference in value to be included, (g) a listing of recent offerings for sale of property in the same general area, including the property being appraised, if recently offered, and the prices quoted, if any, (h) a trend of land values in the area and current land or real estate market conditions, (i) the actual valuation of real property in the community, (j) the effective date of valuation, (k) a statement of the qualifications of the appraiser including a statement by the appraiser that he or she has no personal interest, present or prospective, in the land being appraised, and (l) the signature of the appraiser and date of report.

(4) Such property shall be sold to the highest bidder, but in no case shall such property be sold at less than the appraised value. Notice of such sale and time and place where the same will be held shall be given as provided in section 72-258. When the highest bid is less than the appraised value, the sale shall be canceled and except for property leased pursuant to section 3-157 the property shall be offered for sale again within one year after the date of the previous offering.

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3-156. Aeronautics Trust Fund; created; real property; proceeds of sale; how used; investment.

The Aeronautics Trust Fund is created. The necessary expenses incurred in the sale of property under section 3-155 shall be paid from the Aeronautics Cash Fund, and the proceeds from the sale of such property shall be credited to the Aeronautics Trust Fund after reimbursement of costs of sale have been made to the Aeronautics Cash Fund. The net proceeds from the disposal of such property shall be used by the division in conformance with any agreements upon which the Federal Aviation Administration conditions its consent to the sale of the aforementioned land and the quit claim deeds (1) filed in the office of the register of deeds of Dodge County on November 17, 1947, and recorded in Deeds Record 89 on page 342 and September 16, 1948, and recorded in Deeds Record 89 on page 578, (2) filed in the office of the register of deeds of Red Willow County on September 16, 1948, in Deeds Record 71 on page 17, September 14, 1966, in Deeds Record 91 on page 281, and December 17, 1968, in Deeds Record 93 on page 549, (3) filed in the office of the register of deeds of Clay County on November 17, 1947, in Deeds Record 86 on page 561, September 16, 1948, in Deeds Record 87 on page 148, and March 14, 1968, in Deeds Record 95 on page 321, (4) filed in the office of the register of deeds of Fillmore County on September 16, 1948, in Deeds Record 39 on page 229, February 21, 1968, in Deeds Record 25 on page 90, January 26, 1948, in Deeds Record 39 on page 189, September 21, 1948, in Deeds Record 39 on page 236, and February 13, 1968, in Deeds Record 25 on page 83, and (5) filed in the office of the register of deeds of Thayer County on January 31, 1948, in Deeds Record 48 on page 493, September 16, 1948, in Deeds Record 48 on page 581, and December 29, 1967, in Deeds Record 58 on page 531, and the rules and regulations of the Federal Aviation Administration, part 155, adopted December 7, 1962. Any money in the Aeronautics Trust Fund available for investment shall be invested by the state investment officer pursuant to the Nebraska Capital Expansion Act and the Nebraska State Funds Investment Act. The State Treasurer shall transfer any money in the Department of Aeronautics Trust Fund on July 1, 2017, to the Aeronautics Trust Fund.

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