XV-6. Right to divert unappropriated waters.

The right to divert unappropriated waters of every natural stream for beneficial use shall never be denied except when such denial is demanded by the public interest. Priority of appropriation shall give the better right as between those using the water for the same purpose, but when the waters of any natural stream are not sufficient for the use of all those desiring to use the same, those using the water for domestic purposes shall have preference over those claiming it for any other purpose, and those using the water for agricultural purposes shall have the preference over those using the same for manufacturing purposes. Provided, no inferior right to the use of the waters of this state shall be acquired by a superior right without just compensation therefor to the inferior user.

Source:Neb. Const. art. XIV, sec. 6 (1920); Adopted 1920, Constitutional Convention, 1919-1920, No. 35; Transferred by Constitutional Convention, 1919-1920, art. XV, sec. 6.