VIII-11. Public corporations and political subdivisions providing electricity; payment in lieu of taxes.

Every public corporation and political subdivision organized primarily to provide electricity or irrigation and electricity shall annually make the same payments in lieu of taxes as it made in 1957, which payments shall be allocated in the same proportion to the same public bodies or their successors as they were in 1957.

The legislature may require each such public corporation to pay to the treasurer of any county in which may be located any incorporated city or village, within the limits of which such public corporation sells electricity at retail, a sum equivalent to five (5) per cent of the annual gross revenue of such public corporation derived from retail sales of electricity within such city or village, less an amount equivalent to the 1957 payments in lieu of taxes made by such public corporation with respect to property or operations in any such city or village. The payments in lieu of tax as made in 1957, together with any payments made as authorized in this section shall be in lieu of all other taxes, payments in lieu of taxes, franchise payments, occupation and excise taxes, but shall not be in lieu of motor vehicle licenses and wheel taxes, permit fees, gasoline tax and other such excise taxes or general sales taxes levied against the public generally.

So much of such five (5) per cent as is in excess of an amount equivalent to the amount paid by such public corporation in lieu of taxes in 1957 shall be distributed in each year to the city or village, the school districts located in such city or village, the county in which such city or village is located, and the State of Nebraska, in the proportion that their respective property tax mill levies in each such year bear to the total of such mill levies.

Source:Neb. Const. art. VIII, sec. 11 (1958); Adopted 1958, Initiative Measure No. 300, art. VIII, sec. 10. Note: At the general election in 1958, an amendment was adopted pursuant to initiative petition providing for payment in lieu of taxes by public corporations and political subdivisions supplying electricity. This amendment stated it was to amend Article VIII by adding a new section. The figure 10 was shown at the beginning of the new section to be added. There was already an amendment to the Constitution adopted in 1956 designated as Article VIII, section 10. Therefore, the 1958 amendment has been designated as Article VIII, section 11.