IV-23. Executive officials and heads of institutions; reports to Legislature; information from expending agencies.

All expending agencies of the state as the Legislature may provide shall at least ten days preceding each regular session of the Legislature severally report to the Governor, who shall transmit such reports to the Legislature, together with the reports of the Judges of the Supreme Court of defects in the constitution and laws, and the Governor or the Legislature may at any time require information, in writing, under oath, from the officers of all expending agencies, upon any subject relating to the condition, management and expenses of their respective offices.

Source:Neb. Const. art. V, sec. 22 (1875); Transferred by Constitutional Convention, 1919-1920, art. IV, sec. 23; Amended 1964, Laws 1963, c. 302, sec. 2(2), p. 895.