Journal Summary for March 25th, 2020

106th Legislature, 2nd Regular Session - Day 43

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Document Description Journal Page
LB1198 Scheer MO177 prevailed 974
LB1198 Scheer MO177 Permit the bill to be read on Final Reading prior to the 45th legislative day filed 974
LB1106 Revenue AM2870 filed 973
LB1198 President/Speaker signed 975
LB1198 Presented to Governor on March 25, 2020 975
LB1106 Placed on General File with AM2870 973
LB1198 Passed on Final Reading with Emergency Clause 45-0-4 974
LB1106 Linehan AM2873 filed 974
LB1106 Linehan AM2872 filed 973
LB1106 Linehan AM2871 filed 973
LB1198 Hilkemann explanation of vote 975
LB1198 Approved by Governor on March 25, 2020 975