Journal Summary for March 28th, 2019

106th Legislature, 1st Regular Session - Day 50

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Document Description Journal Page
LB15 Halloran name added 1018
LB15 Lowe name withdrawn 1018
LB86 Vargas name added 1018
LB138 Blood AM930 filed 1015
LB178 Placed on General File 1009
LB217 Hansen, M. AM946 filed 1016
LB252 Vargas name added 1018
LB269 Wayne AM1100 filed 1015
LB269 Wayne AM1101 filed 1015
LB269 Wayne AM1102 filed 1015
LB269 Wayne AM1103 filed 1016
LB269 Wayne AM1104 filed 1016
LB270 Wayne FA36 filed 1015
LB270 Wayne FA37 filed 1015
LB270 Wayne FA40 filed 1016
LB356 Wayne FA38 filed 1016
LB428 Placed on General File with AM758 1009
LB428 Business and Labor AM758 filed 1009
LB464 Placed on General File with AM895 1014
LB464 Business and Labor AM895 filed 1014
LB524 Wayne FA39 filed 1016
LB619 Wayne MO43 Bracket until June 1, 2019 filed 1015
LB641 Vargas name added 1018
LB719A Date of introduction 1015
LB719A Placed on General File 1015
LR64 Date of introduction 1016
LR64 Laid over 1016