Recorded vote for LB287 - Eliminate obsolete provisions relating to the 2020 federal decennial census and provide, change, and eliminate provisions relating to petitions, proof of publication, conflicts of interest, voter registration and voting as prescribed in the Election Act, and notice and virtual conferencing requirements under the Open Meetings Act, and eliminate powers and duties of the Attorney General and the Secretary of State

Stage: General File Date of Vote: February 05, 2024
Motion/Amendment: ADVANCE TO E&R INITIAL
Totals: Yes: 44 No: 0 Present Not Voting: 2 Absent Not Voting: 0 Excused Not Voting: 3
Aguilar Yes Hardin Yes
Albrecht Yes Holdcroft Yes
Arch Yes Hughes Yes
Armendariz Yes Hunt Yes
Ballard Yes Ibach Yes
Blood Yes Jacobson Yes
Bosn Present Not Voting Kauth Yes
Bostar Excused Not Voting Linehan Yes
Bostelman Yes Lippincott Yes
Brandt Yes Lowe Yes
Brewer Yes McDonnell Yes
Cavanaugh, J. Yes McKinney Yes
Cavanaugh, M. Yes Meyer Yes
Clements Yes Moser Yes
Conrad Yes Murman Yes
Day Yes Raybould Excused Not Voting
DeBoer Yes Riepe Yes
DeKay Yes Sanders Yes
Dorn Yes Slama Yes
Dover Excused Not Voting Vargas Yes
Dungan Yes von Gillern Yes
Erdman Yes Walz Yes
Fredrickson Yes Wayne Present Not Voting
Halloran Yes Wishart Yes
Hansen Yes