Recorded vote for LB873 - Change provisions relating to corporate and individual income taxes, taxation of social security benefits, and property tax credits

Stage: General File Date of Vote: March 30, 2022
Motion/Amendment: AM 2662 Revenue
Totals: Yes: 44 No: 0 Present Not Voting: 1 Absent Not Voting: 0 Excused Not Voting: 4
Yes : 44
Aguilar Day Hilkemann McKinney
Albrecht DeBoer Hughes Moser
Arch Dorn Hunt Murman
Blood Erdman Jacobson Sanders
Bostar Flood Kolterman Slama
Bostelman Friesen Lathrop Stinner
Brandt Gragert Lindstrom Vargas
Brewer Halloran Linehan Walz
Briese Hansen, B. Lowe Wayne
Cavanaugh, J. Hansen, M. McCollister Williams
Clements Hilgers McDonnell Wishart
No : 0
Present Not Voting : 1
Cavanaugh, M.
Absent Not Voting : 0
Excused Not Voting : 4
Geist Morfeld Pahls Pansing Brooks