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LB1213 - Provide requirements regarding access to digital and online resources provided by school districts, schools, and the Nebraska Library Commission for students
Proponent - 16 Comments Submitted
Dallas Asher
Catherine Badura
Merlyn Bartels
Mark Bonkiewicz
Nebraskans For Founders' Values
Roland Cook
Gary Frecks
Pamela Frecks
Ward Greisen
Kristi Kreuscher
Dale McIntosh
Robin Phipps
Bill Phipps
Laura Rauscher
Dwane Rauscher
Gene Schultz
Cynthia Splear
Opponent - 9 Comments Submitted
Mary Bahney
Nebraska Chapter National Association of Social Workers School Social Work Association of Nebraska
Gina Frank
Jill Heggen
Rose Hill Dorr
Teri Hlava
Peggy Olson
Morgan Ryan
Lisa Schulze
Sharon Williamson

No Neutral Public Record Comments Submitted