Considered Amendment Details - LB308

Number Introducer Explanation Status Journal
AM2190 Cavanaugh, J. adopted 559
AM2140 Cavanaugh, J. Select File withdrawn 494
ER42 Enrollment and Review adopted 541
AM270 Banking, Commerce and Insurance Committee Amendments adopted 594
MO487 Cavanaugh, M. Indefinitely postpone pursuant to Rule 6 Section 3(f) withdrawn 946
MO488 Cavanaugh, M. Recommit withdrawn 946
MO489 Cavanaugh, M. Bracket withdrawn 946
MO490 Cavanaugh, M. Select File Indefinitely Postpone withdrawn 946
MO491 Cavanaugh, M. Select File Recommit withdrawn 946
MO492 Cavanaugh, M. Select File Bracket withdrawn 946
MO493 Cavanaugh, M. Final Reading Recommit withdrawn 946