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Considered Amendment Details - LB773
Number Introducer Explanation Status Journal Vote
MO231 Brewer Cloture failed 1252 Vote
AM2106 Brewer Select file amendment lost 714 Vote
FA207 Morfeld Amend AM2106 withdrawn 1242
AM1757 Brewer adopted 509 Vote
AM1907 Cavanaugh, M. Amendments to AM1757 lost 706 Vote
MO154 Morfeld failed 818 Vote
MO155 Brewer adopted 818 Vote
AM1908 Morfeld Amendments to AM1757 withdrawn 706
AM1794 Cavanaugh, J. Amendments to AM1757 lost 518 Vote
MO151 Brewer Rule 3, Section 20(b) prevailed 722 Vote