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Considered Amendment Details - LB595
Number Introducer Explanation Status Journal Vote
MO97 Cavanaugh, M. Recommit withdrawn 1605
MO98 Albrecht Cloture prevailed 1606 Vote
MO91 Cavanaugh, M. Bracket withdrawn 1605
MO64 Cavanaugh, M. Bracket withdrawn 1374
AM811 Flood Amendments to Committee Amendments withdrawn 1366
AM1250 Linehan Amendments to E&R Amendments adopted 1334 Vote
AM1225 Flood Amendments to E&R Amendments withdrawn 1284
AM1227 Albrecht Amendments to E&R Amendments adopted 1233 Vote
ER75 Enrollment and Review adopted 1177
AM776 Revenue adopted 773 Vote
AM1140 Erdman Amendments to Committee Amendments lost 1135 Vote
FA32 Erdman Withdraw withdrawn 1135
AM1079 Linehan Amendments to Committee Amendments adopted 1135 Vote