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Considered Amendment Details - LB538
Number Introducer Explanation Status Journal Vote
AM1973 Wayne Amendments to Final Reading copy withdrawn 1763
ST24 Slama, 1, Chairman Enrollment and Review adopted 0
FA72 Lathrop adopted 1508 Vote
AM1512 Wayne Amendments to AM1278 lost 1507 Vote
AM1511 Wayne Amendments to AM1278 withdrawn 1501
AM1768 Lathrop Amendments to AM1278 adopted 1497 Vote
AM1544 Lathrop Withdraw withdrawn 1355
ER84 Enrollment and Review adopted 1197
AM900 General Affairs adopted 966 Vote
AM1278 Lathrop Amendments to Committee amendments adopted 1138 Vote
AM1267 Lathrop Withdraw withdrawn 1122
AM1229 Lathrop Withdraw withdrawn 1094