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Considered Amendment Details - LB720
Number Introducer Explanation Status Journal Vote
MO157 Erdman Bracket withdrawn 685
MO92 Erdman Bracket withdrawn 1561
MO108 Kolterman Cloture failed 1816 Vote
AM1975 Stinner Amendments to E & R amendments adopted 1813 Vote
ER136 Enrollment and Review adopted 1760
AM1614 Revenue adopted 1462 Vote
AM1934 Wishart Amendments to Committee amendments adopted 1712 Vote
MO100 Kolterman Cloture prevailed 1724 Vote
AM1795 Bolz Amendments to Committee amendments adopted 1541 Vote
AM1684 Kolterman Withdraw and substitute AM1795 withdrawn 1512
AM1198 Kolterman withdrawn 1085