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Considered Amendment Details - LB209
Number Introducer Explanation Status Journal Vote
MO109 Hunt Recommit failed 1878 Vote
MO110 Albrecht Cloture prevailed 1878 Vote
FA64 Wishart Refiled withdrawn 1379
ST39 Slama, 1, Chairman Enrollment and Review adopted 0
AM1875 Blood Amendments to Committee amendments adopted 1756 Vote
MO105 Albrecht Cloture prevailed 1758 Vote
FA63 Wishart Withdraw withdrawn 1379
FA61 Chambers Amendments to Committee amendments withdrawn 1335
MO104 Hunt Recommit withdrawn 1755
ER105 Enrollment and Review adopted 1433
MO71 Hunt Recommit to Committee failed 1333 Vote
MO76 Chambers Bracket failed 1373 Vote
MO77 Albrecht Cloture prevailed 1413 Vote
AM1524 Howard Amendments to Committee amendments adopted 1331 Vote
AM1432 Judiciary adopted 1263 Vote