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Considered Amendment Details - LB989
Number Introducer Explanation Status Journal Vote
ST69 Wishart, 27, Chairman Enrollment and Review adopted 0
AM2907 Wishart Amendments to E & R amendments adopted 1530 Vote
AM2865 Blood Withdraw withdrawn 1501
AM2892 Friesen Withdraw withdrawn 1492
AM2896 Wishart Withdraw withdrawn 1487
AM2894 Smith Select File amendments withdrawn 1482
ER182 Enrollment and Review adopted 1505
AM2612 Transportation and Telecommunications adopted 1194 Vote
AM2899 Smith Amendments to Committee amendments adopted 1494 Vote
MO340 Wishart Cloture prevailed 1497 Vote
AM2890 Smith Withdraw and substitute AM2899 withdrawn 1494
MO339 Smith Withdraw and substitute withdrawn 1497
AM2879 Friesen not germane 1492
MO338 Friesen Germaneness failed 1493 Vote
MO337 Friesen Withdraw and substitute failed 1492 Vote
AM2881 Friesen lost 1489 Vote
AM2828 Friesen Amendments to Committee amendments withdrawn 1423
MO324 Friesen Recommit failed 0 Vote
AM2787 Larson Amendments to Committee amendments adopted 1400 Vote
MO323 Friesen Bracket failed 1412 Vote