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Considered Amendment Details - LB710
Number Introducer Explanation Status Journal Vote
ST42 Wishart, 27, Chairman Enrollment and Review adopted 0
AM1889 Baker adopted 626 Vote
AM1867 Chambers withdrawn 606
AM1763 Walz Select File amendment adopted 529 Vote
ER108 Enrollment and Review adopted 562
AM1683 Judiciary adopted 469 Vote
MO205 Chambers Recommit to Committee failed 541 Vote
MO203 Baker Cloture prevailed 541 Vote
MO204 Chambers Reconsider failed 540 Vote
FA97 Chambers Amendments to Committee amendments lost 539 Vote
MO202 Chambers Reconsider failed 524 Vote
MO200 Chambers Indefinitely postpone failed 523 Vote
MO201 Chambers Reconsider failed 518 Vote
FA96 Chambers Amendments to Committee amendments lost 514 Vote