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Considered Amendment Details - LB321
Number Introducer Explanation Status Journal Vote
AM1655 Bostelman adopted 509 Vote
AM1522 Bostelman Withdraw withdrawn 360
MO182 Chambers Reconsider withdrawn 365
FA90 Chambers lost 365 Vote
MO180 Chambers Recommit to committee failed 364 Vote
FA87 Bostelman Withdraw withdrawn 241
MO165 Chambers Reconsider failed 267 Vote
MO164 Chambers Indefinitely postpone failed 263 Vote
FA86 Ebke Withdraw withdrawn 241
MO163 Chambers Reconsider failed 260 Vote
MO162 Chambers Bracket failed 260 Vote
MO159 Chambers Bracket failed 237 Vote
FA85 Schumacher adopted 236 Vote