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Considered Amendment Details - LB496

Number Introducer Explanation Status Journal Vote
FA165 Erdman withdrawn 1620
MO353 Stinner Cloture prevailed 1620 Vote
AM2816 Williams Withdraw withdrawn 1428
AM1413 Friesen Amendments to AM1378 withdrawn 1565
ST73 Wishart, 27, Chairman Enrollment and Review adopted 0
AM2887 Williams adopted 1540 Vote
AM2914 Wayne Amendments to AM2887 adopted 1541 Vote
MO350 Stinner Cloture prevailed 1541 Vote
AM1378 Williams withdrawn 1511
MO148 Stinner Cloture failed 1567 Vote
AM1414 Friesen Amendments to AM1378 withdrawn 1565
AM470 Urban Affairs adopted 645 Vote
MO134 Chambers Reconsider failed 1512 Vote
MO140 Stinner Cloture prevailed 1530 Vote
MO133 Groene Recommit failed 1503 Vote
MO132 Groene Bracket failed 1496 Vote