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Considered Amendment Details - LB1067
Number Introducer Explanation Status Journal
AM2910 Chambers Withdraw withdrawn 1513
ST85 adopted 0
MO282 Sullivan Cloture prevailed 1510
AM2905 Davis Amendments to E & R amendments lost 1509
AM2903 Krist Amendments to E & R amendments lost 1507
AM2875 Sullivan Amendments to E & R amendments adopted 1506
AM2897 Groene Amendments to AM2875 lost 1506
FA118 Murante withdrawn 1489
ER241 Enrollment and Review adopted 1430
AM2778 Groene withdrawn 1332
AM2781 Sullivan adopted 1329
AM2787 Crawford Amendments to AM2781 withdrawn 1332
AM2549 Krist lost 1262
MO243 Krist Bracket failed 1327