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Considered Amendment Details - LB958
Number Introducer Explanation Status Journal
FA142 Davis withdrawn 1612
ST86 adopted 0
AM2813 Davis Amendments to E & R amendments lost 1378
AM2814 Gloor Amendments to E & R amendments adopted 1378
AM2617 Gloor Withdraw withdrawn 1044
ER240 Enrollment and Review adopted 0
AM2780 Revenue 1st Division withdrawn 1363
AM2779 Revenue 2nd Division withdrawn 1364
AM2717 Revenue adopted 1265
AM2807 Gloor Amendments to AM2780 adopted 1370
MO247 Chambers Bracket failed 1370
MO248 Gloor Cloture prevailed 1370
MO246 Schumacher Reconsider withdrawn 1370
MO244 Schumacher Recommit to Committee failed 1369
AM2796 Johnson Amendments to AM2780 withdrawn 1367
AM2786 Johnson Withdraw withdrawn 1325
AM2795 Smith Amendments to AM2780 withdrawn 1366
AM2775 Smith Withdraw withdrawn 1321