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Considered Amendment Details - LB88
Number Introducer Explanation Status Journal
FA13 Bloomfield adopted 552
AM184 Bloomfield withdrawn 424
MO33 Chambers Reconsider withdrawn 552
FA12 Chambers Amendments to AM184 lost 551
AM158 Kintner Withdraw withdrawn 368
AM155 Krist Withdraw withdrawn 368
AM185 Kintner adopted 377
AM131 Kintner Withdraw and substitute AM185 withdrawn 352
MO18 Chambers Reconsider withdrawn 363
FA7 Chambers Amendments to AM131 lost 363
MO17 Chambers Reconsider failed 362
FA5 Chambers Amendments to AM131 lost 361
AM110 Kintner Withdraw withdrawn 333
FA4 Schumacher withdrawn 333
MO14 Chambers Reconsider failed 349
MO13 Chambers Bracket failed 348
MO12 Chambers Reconsider failed 347
MO11 Chambers Recommit to committee failed 336
MO10 Chambers Reconsider failed 328
MO9 Chambers Bracket failed 328
MO8 Chambers Reconsider failed 327
MO6 Chambers Indefinitely postpone failed 322