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Document Primary Introducer Status Description
LB209 Albrecht Referral Require information regarding reversal of medication abortion
LB595 Albrecht General File Change Office of Dispute Resolution to Office of Restorative Justice and Dispute Resolution and change powers and duties of the office
LB455 Arch Referral Change medical services payment provisions relating to jails
LB7 Blood Passed Adopt the Counterfeit Airbag Prevention Act
LB113 Blood Referral Require the Department of Correctional Services to disclose certain records
LB114 Blood Referral Change provisions relating to reductions of good time
LB43 Bolz Referral Adopt the Sexual Assault Survivors' Bill of Rights Act
LB108 Bolz Referral Change provisions relating to placement of Department of Correctional Services inmates in county jails
LB247 Bolz Referral Adopt the Advance Mental Health Care Directives Act
LB331 Bolz Referral Change provisions relating to the Board of Parole, the Department of Correctional Services, and the Office of Probation Administration
LB708 Brandt Referral Adopt the Uniform Partition of Heirs Property Act
LB154 Brewer Passed Authorize a study to improve reporting and investigation of missing Native American women and children
LB582 Brewer Referral Change provisions relating to possession of a stolen firearm
LB17 Briese Referral State a right of juveniles who have a parent with a disability
LB593 Briese Referral Change and eliminate provisions relating to medical assistance reimbursement claims and liens and provide for retroactivity
LB532 Cavanaugh General File Change provisions relating to harassment protection orders, sexual assault protection orders, and domestic abuse protection orders
LB533 Cavanaugh Referral Change terminology related to marriage
LB689 Cavanaugh Referral Prohibit discrimination by a seller or landlord on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity, or citizenship status in any real estate transaction or lease
LB690 Cavanaugh Referral Adopt the Healthy Pregnancies for Incarcerated Women Act
LB44 Chambers General File Eliminate the death penalty and change provisions relating to murder in the first degree
LB47 Chambers Indefinitely postponed Change provisions relating to when a grand jury report may be made public
LB176 Chambers Referral Eliminate certain mandatory minimum penalties
LB589 Chambers Referral Prohibit peace officers from serving as school resource officers
LB646 Chambers Referral Eliminate cash bail bonds, appearance bonds, and related provisions
LB553 Clements Referral Require reasonable accommodation for a person with a disability to have an assistance animal in a dwelling as prescribed
LB322 Crawford General File Change provisions relating to enforcement of certain tobacco restriction provisions
LB365 Crawford Referral Adopt the Health Care Directives Registry Act
LB141 DeBoer Passed Provide for the offense of assault by strangulation or suffocation
LB262 DeBoer Referral Change membership and duties of long-term restrictive housing work group
LB377 DeBoer Referral Provide for voidability of certain releases from liability
LB426 DeBoer Referral Provide for adoption by two adults
LB680 DeBoer Referral Adopt the Uniform Civil Remedies for Unauthorized Disclosure of Intimate Images Act
LB106 Dorn Referral Change provisions relating to disclosure of DNA records under the DNA Identification Information Act
LB474 Dorn Referral Change provisions relating to claims against the state for wrongful incarceration and conviction
LB376 Friesen Referral Provide for safekeeping of prisoners
LB712 Friesen Referral Prohibit joint entities and joint public agencies from taking action against representative for their speech
LB475 Geist Referral Create the offense of sexual extortion, redefine sexual exploitation, and provide for a registrable offense under the Sex Offender Registration Act
LB198 Halloran Referral Change provisions relating to use of a deadly weapon to commit a felony and prohibit use of a facsimile firearm to commit a felony
LB343 Halloran Referral Adopt the School Safety Rapid Response Option Act and authorize schools to allow employees to carry concealed handguns
LB71 Hansen, M. Passed Eliminate a cause of action for damages for shoplifting
LB146 Hansen, M. Passed Change liability and damages provisions for refusal to accept acknowledged power of attorney
LB240 Hansen, M. Referral Change procedures for determining competency to stand trial
LB275 Hansen, M. Referral Require notification when persons prohibited by state or federal law attempt to obtain a handgun purchase permit or concealed handgun permit
LB282 Hansen, M. Referral Change provisions relating to bail
LB335 Hansen, M. Referral Authorize a 24/7 sobriety program permit for operating a motor vehicle as a condition of bail
LB391 Hansen, M. Referral Change duties of peace officers taking juveniles into custody or interrogating juveniles and prohibit use of statements taken in violation of the rights of a juvenile
LB395 Hansen, M. Referral Change landlord's power of possession provisions in cases of domestic violence
LB396 Hansen, M. General File Change landlord and tenant provisions relating to continuances and rental deposits
LB433 Hansen, M. General File Change provisions relating to return of tenant's deposits and damages
LB434 Hansen, M. General File Change landlord and tenant provisions relating to three-day notice to quit and to create a right of redemption for tenants
LB435 Hansen, M. Referral Change provisions relating to retaliatory conduct by a landlord
LB179 Hilgers General File Authorize the appeal of certain motions as final orders
LB421 Hilgers Referral Adopt the Asbestos Trust Claims Transparency Act
LB249 Howard Referral Change the statute of limitations for civil actions arising from a sexual assault
LB388 Howard Referral Change provisions relating to termination of parental rights, placement of children, and guardianship
LB389 Howard Referral Change provisions relating to termination of parental rights
LB427 Howard Referral Change terminology relating to legitimacy of children
LB548 Howard Referral Prohibit restraining animals during certain disasters or weather events
LB143 Hughes Referral Prohibit throwing or dropping dangerous instruments on motor vehicles
LB164 Hunt Referral Prohibit electronic transmission or online posting of certain photographs or videos, redefine sexual exploitation, and provide for a registrable offense under the Sex Offender Registration Act
LB166 Hunt Referral Prohibit defendant's discovery of victim's actual or perceived gender or sexual orientation as defense to crime
LB167 Hunt Referral Prohibit conversion therapy
LB168 Hunt Referral Define offense of child abuse to include subjecting a child to conversion therapy
LB502 Hunt Referral Adopt the Limited Immigration Inquiry Act
LB503 Hunt Referral Eliminate requirement that physician be physically present in same room when an abortion is performed
LB504 Hunt Referral Provide for enhanced penalties and a civil action for crimes committed because of a victim's gender identity or association with a person of a certain gender identity and include strangulation in the offenses eligible for enhancement
LB621 Kolowski Referral Change provisions relating to solar energy and wind energy, declare certain instruments void and unenforceable, and provide for a civil cause of action
LB28 Kolterman Referral Authorize damages for property taxes and special assessments paid on property lost through adverse possession
LB216 Kolterman Referral Prohibit releasing a person in custody to avoid medical costs
LB264 La Grone Passed Redefine premises under the Disposition of Personal Property Landlord and Tenant Act
LB324 La Grone Referral Change immunity from liability under the 911 Service System Act
LB471 La Grone Referral Provide a procedure for consolidation of related civil actions in multiple judicial districts
LB578 La Grone Referral Provide for venue of legal proceedings challenging laws regarding redistricting
LB125 Lathrop Passed Include certain intimate partners who are victims of theft within victim rights statutes
LB300 Lathrop General File Change judges' salaries
LB308 Lathrop General File Change provisions relating to commencement of civil actions, voluntary appearances, and waivers of defenses
LB309 Lathrop Final Reading Increase the number of district court judges in Douglas County
LB339 Lathrop Passed Change provisions relating to judicial nominating commissions
LB340 Lathrop Passed Change and eliminate provisions relating to incarceration work camps
LB392 Lathrop General File Change hearsay provisions in the Nebraska Evidence Rules
LB457 Lathrop General File Define and redefine terms relating to industrial hemp under the Uniform Controlled Substances Act
LB458 Lathrop Referral Change provisions relating to child abuse or neglect
LB684 Lathrop Referral Change provisions relating to post-release supervision for Class IV felonies
LB685 Lathrop Referral Prohibit the denial or delay of a remedy by due course of law as prescribed
LB686 Lathrop Referral Change provisions relating to correctional system emergencies
LB54 Lowe Referral Change provisions relating to carrying a concealed weapon
LB55 Lowe Passed Change powers of copersonal representatives, cotrustees, coguardians, and coconservators, change provisions relating to accounts with POD designations, and authorize persons eighteen years of age to acquire or convey title to real property and to enter into and execute related legal documents
LB484 Lowe Referral Change provisions relating to assault on certain employees and officers
LB213 McCollister Referral Provide for setting aside certain infraction, misdemeanor, and felony convictions
LB277 McCollister Referral Change membership provisions for the Board of Parole
LB286 McCollister Referral Create the Coordinated Reentry Council
LB318 McCollister Passed Change provisions relating to petroleum products liens
LB443 McCollister Passed Require the Department of Correctional Services to allow committed offenders reasonable access to their attorneys
LB510 McCollister Referral Change applicability of Sex Offender Registration Act to certain out-of-state juvenile adjudications
LB643 McDonnell General File Change death and disability-related prima facie evidence provisions relating to emergency responders
LB58 Morfeld Referral Adopt the Extreme Risk Protection Order Act
LB206 Morfeld General File Protect free speech rights of student journalists and student media advisers
LB207 Morfeld Referral Create a Death Penalty Defense Standards Advisory Council
LB271 Morfeld Referral Change provisions relating to releases, covenants not to sue, or similar agreements on joint and several liability
LB352 Morfeld Delivered to Governor Provide requirements relating to the use of jailhouse informants
LB500 Morfeld Referral Prohibit participation in pretrial diversion programs for certain driving under the influence and driver's license offenses
LB514 Morfeld Delivered to Governor Change bad check provisions to include obtaining child support credit and spousal support credit
LB630 Morfeld Referral Create the offense of sexual extortion and change elements and penalties for sexual offenses
LB131 Pansing Brooks Referral Change certain provisions relating to minimum sentences
LB132 Pansing Brooks Referral Change penalties for certain felonies committed by persons under nineteen years of age
LB133 Pansing Brooks Referral Change provisions relating to structured programming and deferral of parole
LB173 Pansing Brooks Referral Define and redefine terms of coercion and without consent and provide for applicability with respect to sexual assault
LB230 Pansing Brooks General File Provide for room confinement of juveniles as prescribed
LB231 Pansing Brooks General File Change provisions relating to legal defense of juveniles
LB238 Pansing Brooks Referral Change requirements for witnessing death penalty executions
LB353 Pansing Brooks Referral Provide powers and duties for University of Nebraska police departments and police officers as prescribed
LB354 Pansing Brooks Passed Change provisions relating to sealing of juvenile records
LB387 Pansing Brooks General File Change and modernize provisions relating to juries
LB390 Pansing Brooks Delivered to Governor Provide duties regarding school resource officers and security guards
LB516 Pansing Brooks Referral Change provisions relating to child abuse, the Child Protection and Family Safety Act, human trafficking, and child welfare services
LB517 Pansing Brooks Referral Change human trafficking civil damage provisions
LB627 Pansing Brooks General File Prohibit discrimination based upon sexual orientation and gender identity
LB579 Quick General File Authorize issuance of ignition interlock permits to persons who caused serious bodily injury while driving under the influence
LB519 Slama Referral Change statutes of limitations for certain sexual and trafficking offenses and authorize interception of communications relating to such offenses
LB369 Vargas Referral Require jails, law enforcement agencies, and the Nebraska State Patrol to provide public notice before entering into agreements to enforce federal immigration law and to allow audits of noncomplying entities
LB478 Vargas General File Prohibit use of consent by a minor as a defense or mitigation of damages or liability in certain civil actions arising from sexual assaults
LB739 Vargas Referral Change procedures and requirements for use of restrictive housing of inmates
LB539 Walz Referral Redefine abuse under the Adult Protective Services Act
LB89 Wayne Referral Change certain marijuana penalties
LB90 Wayne Referral Make post-release supervision optional for Class IV felonies
LB91 Wayne Referral Provide for deferred judgments by courts as prescribed
LB92 Wayne Referral Require application of Nebraska Evidence Rules at parental termination hearings
LB93 Wayne General File Provide for intervention by a biological parent in certain juvenile proceedings
LB94 Wayne Referral Designate Nebraska State Patrol as agency to investigate criminal activity within Department of Correctional Services correctional facilities
LB233 Wayne Referral Prohibit bringing a cell phone into a detention facility
LB490 Wayne Referral Consolidate offices of clerk of the district court and clerk magistrates
LB491 Wayne Referral Authorize punitive damages as prescribed
LB496 Wayne Select File Change penalties for tampering with witnesses, informants, jurors, or physical evidence and change provisions relating to discovery in criminal cases
LB649 Wayne Referral Eliminate a termination date relating to the Medical Cannabidiol Pilot Study
LB651 Wayne Referral Change funding provisions for the Community-based Juvenile Services Aid Program
LB652 Wayne Referral Change a penalty for controlled substance possession as prescribed
LB658 Wayne Referral Prohibit executive director of Nebraska Commission on Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice from taking certain disciplinary actions
LB659 Wayne Referral Remove cannabidiol from list of controlled substances
LR1CA Wayne Delivered to Governor Constitutional amendment to eliminate slavery or involuntary servitude as a punishment for crime
LB110 Wishart Referral Adopt the Medical Cannabis Act
LB219 Wishart Referral Change requirements for foster care transition proposals and provide immunity from liability for caregivers
LB438 Wishart Referral Designate Nebraska State Patrol as agency to investigate criminal activity within Department of Correctional Services facilities and the Lincoln Regional Center
LB479 Wishart Referral Prohibit sexual abuse of a detainee and change provisions relating to sexual abuse of an inmate or parolee