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Document Primary Introducer Status Description
LB680 Krist Referral Adopt the Interstate Placement for Involuntarily Admitted Patients Agreement Act
LB9 Krist Passed Adopt the Radon Resistant New Construction Act
LB676 Krist Referral Allow certain committed persons to participate in substance abuse or rehabilitative treatment, seek residency or employment, and participate in structured programming
LB493 Krist Referral Appropriate funds to maintain the Network of Care
LB206 Krist Referral Appropriate funds to the Department of Health and Human Services for developmental disability services
LB10A Krist Passed Appropriation Bill
LB1017 Krist Withdrawn Change and eliminate pipeline siting provisions and eminent domain provisions
LB8 Krist Passed Change and eliminate provisions relating to juvenile detention and probation and provide for graduated response sanctions and incentives
LB677 Krist Referral Change appropriations for certain health and human services programs
LB643 Krist Referral Change automobile liability insurance and financial responsibility requirements
LB12 Krist Referral Change homestead exemption requirements relating to income statements and certifications of status
LB787 Krist Referral Change income determination provisions relating to the Medical Assistance Act
LB670 Krist Referral Change membership, powers, and duties of the Nebraska Coalition for Juvenile Justice
LB673 Krist Referral Change procedures for certain hearings for juveniles
LB13 Krist Withdrawn Change provisions regarding state office space and the use of the State Capitol and its environs
LB467 Krist Referral Change provisions relating to certain tax incentive programs
LB675 Krist Referral Change provisions relating to correctional overcrowding emergencies
LB678 Krist Referral Change provisions relating to criminal justice
LB162 Krist Referral Change provisions relating to criminal mischief and change and provide additional penalties for bribing or tampering with witnesses, informants, or jurors
LB367 Krist Referral Change provisions relating to payment of costs in juvenile matters
LB207 Krist Passed Change provisions relating to powers and duties of the Office of Inspector General of Nebraska Child Welfare
LB1044 Krist Referral Change provisions relating to providing social services relating to child abuse and neglect investigations
LB11 Krist Passed Change provisions relating to transfer of juvenile cases and appeal of such transfers
LB671 Krist Referral Change requirements for certain driving permits and use of occupant protection systems, change certain violations from secondary to primary enforcement, and prohibit use of interactive wireless communication devices by school bus operators
LB468 Krist Referral Change revenue and taxation provisions
LB539 Krist Passed Change the Office of Inspector General of the Nebraska Correctional System Act
LB679 Krist Referral Change the distribution of taxes remitted to the Charitable Gaming Operations Fund
LB300 Krist Passed Change the statute of limitations on civil actions for sexual assault of a child
LR45 Krist Congratulate Ella Alberts for receiving a 2017 Prudential Spirit of Community Award
LR289CA Krist Referral Constitutional amendment to change and provide legislative district redistricting standards and to provide congressional district redistricting standards
LB1118 Krist Referral Create the Coordinated Reentry Council
LB642 Krist Withdrawn Delay prescription drug monitoring requirements for veterinarians
LB205 Krist Referral Designate funds appropriated to the Department of Health and Human Services for state aid
LR249 Krist Extend sympathy to the family of Robert N. Swanson and recognize his years of service for veterans
LR9 Krist Extend sympathy to the family of former Senator John Wightman and recognize his service to the State of Nebraska
LB10 Krist Passed Increase number of judges of the separate juvenile court as prescribed
LR25 Krist Referral Interim study to examine the requirements in the Rules of the Legislature for preparing and delivering fiscal notes
LB672 Krist Referral Provide for medical release for committed offenders
LB955 Krist Indefinitely postponed Provide for reciprocal certification of military police officers and law enforcement officers from other jurisdictions
LB6 Krist Indefinitely postponed Provide for release of a summarized report by the office of Inspector General of Nebraska Child Welfare
LB7 Krist Referral Provide for suspension of medical assistance under the medical assistance program for detainees in public institutions
LR21 Krist Provide for the expulsion of Senator Bill Kintner from the Nebraska Legislature, pursuant to Article III, Section 10, of the Nebraska Constitution
LR127 Krist Referral Provide the Executive Board appoint a special committee of the Legislature to be known as the Nebraska Justice System Special Oversight Committee
LR50 Krist Recognize March 2017 as Problem Gambling Awareness Month in Nebraska
LB14 Krist Referral Require successful completion of a civics examination as a prerequisite to high school graduation
LR286 Krist Referral Resolution proposing an election to call a state constitutional convention to amend Article VIII and other revenue provisions of the Constitution of Nebraska
LR268 Krist Referral Resolution to Congress for convention of the states to propose an amendment to the U.S. Constitution
LB674 Krist Referral State intent to appropriate funds to the Division of Aeronautics for the Civil Air Patrol