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Document Primary Introducer Status Description
LR502 Wallman Interim study to review the status of trauma care in Nebraska
LR380 Wallman Congratulate the Freeman High School boys' basketball team for winning the 2010 Class D-1 state championship
LR332 Wallman Congratulate Jesse Hinz for winning the 2010 Class B state wrestling championship in the heavyweight division
LB980 Wallman Indefinitely postponed Change personal services contract requirements and provide restrictions on privatization contracts
LB511 Wallman Passed Redefine intermediate care facility for purposes of certificate of need
LB466 Wallman Indefinitely postponed Eliminate an excise tax on corn and grain sorghum
LB216 Wallman Passed Eliminate civil liability provisions relating to motor vehicle and aircraft guest statutes
LB86 Wallman Indefinitely postponed Change the Capitol Landscape Restoration Master Plan
LB68 Wallman Indefinitely postponed Provide procedures for closure of state residential facilities for persons with developmental disabilities