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Document Primary Introducer Status Description
LB169 Hunt General File Change provisions relating to eligibility for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program
LB400 Hunt General File Change the minimum wage for persons compensated by way of gratuities
LB731 Hunt General File Change provisions relating to new or updated comprehensive plans adopted by municipalities
LB734 Hunt General File Provide for licensure of charter bus services under the Nebraska Liquor Control Act
LB405 Hunt Passed Adopt updates to building and energy codes
LB162 Hunt Referral Impose sales and use taxes on certain services
LB163 Hunt Referral Permit counties to conduct elections by mail
LB164 Hunt Referral Prohibit electronic transmission or online posting of certain photographs or videos, redefine sexual exploitation, and provide for a registrable offense under the Sex Offender Registration Act
LB165 Hunt Referral Adopt the Too Young to Suspend Act
LB166 Hunt Referral Prohibit defendant's discovery of victim's actual or perceived gender or sexual orientation as defense to crime
LB167 Hunt Referral Prohibit conversion therapy
LB168 Hunt Referral Define offense of child abuse to include subjecting a child to conversion therapy
LB170 Hunt Referral Provide a sales and use tax exemption for feminine hygiene products
LB501 Hunt Referral Require insurance coverage for in vitro fertilization procedures
LB502 Hunt Referral Adopt the Limited Immigration Inquiry Act
LB503 Hunt Referral Eliminate requirement that physician be physically present in same room when an abortion is performed
LB504 Hunt Referral Provide for enhanced penalties and a civil action for crimes committed because of a victim's gender identity or association with a person of a certain gender identity and include strangulation in the offenses eligible for enhancement
LB555 Hunt Referral Adopt the Sexual Assault Emergency Care Act and provide for disciplinary action against hospitals
LB718 Hunt Referral Require additional polling places prior to elections in certain counties
LR16 Hunt Referral Urge the President of the United States and members of Congress to reopen the federal government immediately
LR118 Hunt Referral Condemn racist violence and domestic terrorist attacks motivated by white supremacy and white nationalism
LR126 Hunt Referral Interim study to examine issues related to urban development in municipalities
LR127 Hunt Referral Interim study to ensure youth in the foster care system and juvenile justice system understand their rights, to ensure their rights are being upheld, and to explore the need for additional rights
LR135 Hunt Referral Interim study to examine issues related to food insecurity in Nebraska communities
LR145 Hunt Referral Interim study to examine the financing of energy efficiency and renewable energy improvements on single-family residential property under the Property Assessed Clean Energy Act
LR243 Hunt Referral Interim study to examine the practice of medical refusal for contraception, sterilization, or abortion services by health care facilities and providers
LR278 Hunt Recognize June 7, 2019, as National Gun Violence Awareness Day