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Document Primary Introducer Status Description
LB651 Linehan General File Adopt the Nebraska Reading Improvement Act
LB1107 Linehan General File Change provisions relating to barber licensing and the Cosmetology, Electrology, Esthetics, Nail Technology, and Body Art Practice Act
LB267 Linehan Passed Change provisions relating to onsite vaccinations at health care facilities
LB285 Linehan Passed Require human immunodeficiency virus testing and eliminate consent requirements for such testing
LB585 Linehan Referral Change provisions relating to dangerous dogs, seizure of animals, and animal control authorities
LB586 Linehan Referral Change requirements for the prescription drug monitoring system
LB608 Linehan Referral Adopt the Parental Choice Scholarship Program
LB609 Linehan Referral Provide fee schedules under the Nebraska Workers' Compensation Act
LB650 Linehan Referral Change provisions for teaching certificates
LB662 Linehan Referral Establish a grading system for schools and school districts
LB850 Linehan Referral Require disclosure of the anticipated cost to a political subdivision to pay off its bonds
LB851 Linehan Referral Limit superintendent and educational service unit administrator compensation
LB995 Linehan Referral Require the filing of a statement of financial interests by individuals holding elective office of a school district under the Nebraska Political Accountability and Disclosure Act
LB1039 Linehan Referral Increase the amount that may be required for a pet deposit under the Uniform Residential Landlord and Tenant Act
LB1072 Linehan Referral Change a preference in awarding public contracts and eliminate reciprocal preference provisions
LB1106 Linehan Referral Change requirements for overriding property tax limits
LB1116 Linehan Referral Create the Quality Education Accountability Commission and the Quality Education Accountability Office
LR149 Linehan Referral Interim study to examine the administrative structure and organization of school districts across the state
LR200 Linehan Referral Interim study to examine issues related to dual enrollment and other courses that allow a student to obtain both high school and postsecondary education credit for such course
LR201 Linehan Referral Interim study to review reimbursement rates for ambulatory surgical centers and outpatient hospitals with respect to workers' compensation services in Nebraska
LR100 Linehan Extend sympathy to the family of Norman Hale
LR254 Linehan Congratulate Dan Maline and the Douglas County West Robotics Team for their achievements
LR255 Linehan Congratulate the Elkhorn South High School boys' soccer team on winning the 2017 Class B state championship
LR344 Linehan Congratulate the Douglas County West Community Schools Robotics Team on their victory in the 2017 World Robot Conference championship
LR345 Linehan Congratulate the Elkhorn High School girls' basketball team on winning the 2018 Class B state championship
LB903 Linehan Select File Change provisions relating to the Nebraska Community Aging Services Act and the Long-Term Care Ombudsman Act