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Document Primary Introducer Status Description
LB900 Bostelman General File Adopt and update references to federal law relating to transportation and increase fines for violations of certain motor carrier statutes and regulations
LB902 Bostelman Referral Authorize the withholding from the public of information regarding firearm registration, possession, sale, or use
LB635 Bostelman Referral Change certain violations and penalties under the Game Law
LB909 Bostelman Referral Change motor vehicle titling and registration provisions, assembled and kit vehicle provisions, and the branding of certificates of title as reconstructed or replica
LB177 Bostelman Passed Change provisions relating to apportionable and fleet vehicles, motor fuel tax collections and enforcement, and powers and duties of the Director of Motor Vehicles
LB472 Bostelman Final Reading Change provisions relating to signs and advertising on highways
LB639 Bostelman Passed Change when a preference is required for certain government employment relating to servicemembers and their spouses and veterans
LR68 Bostelman Congratulate Melvin Hernandez, Kyle Petree, Joseph Reimers, and Cole Krecklow for their individual championships and successful seasons
LR273 Bostelman Congratulate the Bishop Neumann High School softball team for winning the 2017 Class C state championship
LR69 Bostelman Congratulate the Cedar Bluffs High School cheer and dance team for their outstanding performance at the 2017 Nebraska State Cheer and Dance Competition
LR96 Bostelman Congratulate the David City High School speech team for their championship awards
LR272 Bostelman Congratulate the East Butler High School football team for winning the 2017 Class D-1 state championship
LR305 Bostelman Congratulate the Schuyler Community Schools for receiving the 2017 NebraskARTS Award
LR70 Bostelman Congratulate the Wahoo Bishop Neumann High School boys' basketball team on winning the 2017 Class C-1 state championship
LR271 Bostelman Congratulate the Wahoo High School volleyball team for winning the 2017 Class C-1 state championship
LR274 Bostelman Congratulate the Yutan High School football team for winning the Class C-2 state championship
LB176 Bostelman Passed Eliminate obsolete provisions related to milldams
LB1008 Bostelman Referral Increase amounts of liquidated damages for certain violations of the Game Law
LB637 Bostelman Referral Prohibit disclosure of information relating to firearm owners and concealed carry permitholders
LB636 Bostelman Referral Prohibit interference with hunting, trapping, or fishing by intimidation using a telephone or other communication device
LB638 Bostelman Referral Provide enhanced criminal penalties based upon a person's employment as prescribed
LB901 Bostelman General File Require Director of Aeronautics to consult with the Military Department in certain structure permitting decisions