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Document Primary Introducer Status Description
LB278 Bostelman Referral Provide a veteran notation on an operator's license or a state identification card for certain commissioned officers as prescribed
LB279 Bostelman Referral Provide a sales and use tax exemption for food sold by veterans service organizations
LB325 Bostelman Referral Provide for motor vehicle tax exemptions for one hundred percent service-connected disability compensation rated veterans and dependency and indemnity compensation recipients
LB366 Bostelman Referral Change registration fee for alternative fuel-powered motor vehicles
LB696 Bostelman Referral Change provisions relating to Military Honor Plates
LB697 Bostelman Referral Eliminate a fee for issuance of military related license plates
LB698 Bostelman Referral Change load provisions and penalties for commercial motor vehicles and commercial trailers
LB699 Bostelman E and R Initial Change provisions relating to transporter plates
LB700 Bostelman Referral Provide for decommissioning and reclamation of a wind energy conversion system
LB701 Bostelman Referral Require billing for emergency medical services