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Document Primary Introducer Status Description
LR30 Albrecht Adopted Recognize Julie Schmit-Albin for her advocacy on behalf of the unborn
LR17 Albrecht Adopted Congratulate the Honorable Edward Matney on his judicial appointment to the county court for the sixth judicial district
LB597 Albrecht Referral Provide a tax credit for the parents of stillborn children
LB596 Albrecht Referral Adopt the Nebraska Higher Blend Tax Credit Act
LB595 Albrecht E and R Engrossing Provide and change sales and use tax exemptions for certain products and agricultural machinery and equipment, exclude certain income from gross receipts, and change funding for and require reports regarding the Game and Parks Commission Capital Maintenance Fund
LB523 Albrecht General File Change provisions relating to certain school taxes and special funds
LB325 Albrecht General File Adopt the Art Therapy Practice Act
LB282 Albrecht Referral Change provisions relating to obscenity
LB281 Albrecht Select File Require child sexual abuse prevention programs for school students and staff
LB280 Albrecht Referral Eliminate a residency requirement for the board of directors of an insurance corporation
LB149 Albrecht Passed Adopt changes to federal law regarding motor vehicles and motor carriers
LB113A Albrecht Passed Appropriation Bill
LB113 Albrecht Passed Change provisions relating to motor vehicle titling, licensing, registration, and fees and operators' licenses and permits and authorize a new motor carrier services system
LB112 Albrecht Referral Require members of the public to be allowed to speak at each meeting subject to the Open Meetings Act
LB111 Albrecht Referral Change provisions relating to various offenses involving public safety