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LR495 McDonnell Designate April 3, 2019, as Dr. Matthew Oliver Ricketts Day in Nebraska
LR487 McDonnell Designate April 29, 2019, as Public Employee Collective Bargaining Day in Nebraska
LR478 McDonnell Congratulate Holy Ghost Catholic Church in Omaha on its 100th anniversary
LR449 McDonnell Referral Interim study to examine the jurisdiction of the State Racing Commission and the role of the commission in promoting the best interests of the horse racing industry
LR435 McDonnell Referral Interim study to review how the Nebraska State Patrol conducts internal affairs investigations into potential civil and criminal violations of its members
LR346 McDonnell Recognize Saturday, March 17, 2018, as Timmy Conway Day in the State of Nebraska
LR332 McDonnell Recognize and celebrate the centennial of the International Association of Fire Fighters
LR256 McDonnell Express gratitude to Lincoln Fire and Rescue for their service to the City of Lincoln and its residents
LR244 McDonnell Designate February 14, 2018, as Edward Danner Day
LR152 McDonnell Designate September 15 through October 15, 2017, as Hispanic Heritage Month in the State of Nebraska
LR134 McDonnell Designate November 19, 2017, as Cardinal Cupich Day in Nebraska
LR124 McDonnell Referral Interim study to examine contracting and procurement by cities of the metropolitan class
LR47 McDonnell Designate February 2017 as Career and Technical Education Month in the State of Nebraska
LR28 McDonnell Referral Interim study to research how the state and each of the counties handle, process, and test sexual assault evidence collection kits
LB1063 McDonnell Indefinitely postponed Provide funding to assist victims of traumatic brain injury and increase certain driver's license fees as a source of such funding
LB1062 McDonnell Indefinitely postponed State intent relating to appropriations for the Tobacco Prevention and Control Program
LB1003 McDonnell Passed Change leave of absence without loss of pay provisions under the Military Code
LB964 McDonnell Indefinitely postponed Authorize mental health professionals to take a person into emergency protective custody under the Nebraska Mental Health Commitment Act
LB939 McDonnell Indefinitely postponed Provide a homestead exemption for certain dwelling complexes located on military installations
LB928 McDonnell Indefinitely postponed Change provisions relating to compensation paid upon the death of an employee under the Nebraska Workers' Compensation Act
LB913 McDonnell Passed Change provisions relating to assault with a bodily fluid against a public safety officer to include a health care professional
LB798 McDonnell Indefinitely postponed Provide a sales and use tax exemption for feminine hygiene products
LB797 McDonnell Indefinitely postponed Change penalties for second and third degree arson
LB796 McDonnell Indefinitely postponed Change allocation of the fee for an ignition interlock permit as prescribed
LB795 McDonnell Indefinitely postponed Provide for an acknowledgment of maternity
LB582 McDonnell Indefinitely postponed Authorize membership in a credit union by geographic boundary
LB581 McDonnell Indefinitely postponed Require lobbyists to disclose conflicts of interest to principals and provide for cancellation of contracts
LB580 McDonnell Indefinitely postponed Appropriate funds for the Office of Violence Prevention
LB579 McDonnell Indefinitely postponed Provide for termination of city occupation taxes subject to a vote and require vote on tax rate changes
LB578A McDonnell Passed Appropriation Bill
LB578 McDonnell Passed Adopt the Ground Emergency Medical Transport Act