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Document Primary Introducer Status Description
LB126 Hughes General File Provide for special landowner deer hunting permits as prescribed
LB127 Hughes Passed Redefine immediate family for purposes of limited permits for hunting
LB227 Hughes Passed Change provisions governing determination of a public or private nuisance under the Nebraska Right to Farm Act
LB302 Hughes Passed Merge the State Energy Office with and rename the Department of Environmental Quality
LB719 Hughes Passed Provide for reporting to the National Motor Vehicle Title Information system for wreckers and salvage dealers
LB719A Hughes Passed Appropriation Bill
LB128 Hughes Referral Provide for Wildlife Conservation Plates
LB143 Hughes Referral Prohibit throwing or dropping dangerous instruments on motor vehicles
LB144 Hughes Referral Provide for voter approval of nonpartisan nomination and partisan election of county officers
LB228 Hughes Referral Prohibit certain insurance practices relating to a person's status as a living organ donor
LB367 Hughes Referral Eliminate provisions relating to fund transfers and change a termination date under the Nebraska Litter Reduction and Recycling Act
LB368 Hughes Referral Eliminate overappropriated river basins, subbasins, and reaches
LB632 Hughes Referral Clarify a statutory reference relating to rural water districts
LR114 Hughes Referral Interim study to examine conditions under which the board of directors of the Nebraska Cooperative Republican Platte Enhancement Project and the Rock Creek augmentation project may dispose of real property each owns related to the projects
LR142 Hughes Referral Interim study to examine any matter concerning the Game and Parks Commission
LR35 Hughes Congratulate Sehnert's Bakery and Bieroc Cafe on winning the 2019 James Beard Foundation Award for America's Classics
LR49 Hughes Congratulate Samuel McArtor on achieving the rank of Eagle Scout
LR50 Hughes Congratulate Matthew Aerni on achieving the rank of Eagle Scout
LR51 Hughes Congratulate Beau Wood on achieving the rank of Eagle Scout
LR52 Hughes Congratulate Jarin Tines on achieving the rank of Eagle Scout
LR82 Hughes Recognize April 8, 2019, as Lineworker Appreciation Day in Nebraska
LR89 Hughes Congratulate Adair Reese for being crowned Mrs. Nebraska for 2019
LR91 Hughes Recognize Randy Hayes for his commitment to the arts and the education of students in Chase County and congratulate him on his retirement