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Document Primary Introducer Status Description
LB183 Hughes Referral Authorize change of nomination and election provisions for county officers
LB318 Hughes Passed Authorize telephone conferencing for meetings of the Nebraska Brand Committee
LB182 Hughes Passed Change powers and duties of the Department of Environmental Quality under the Drinking Water State Revolving Fund Act
LB89 Hughes Indefinitely postponed Change published notice of hearing requirements under the Nebraska Budget Act as prescribed
LB535 Hughes Passed Change requirements for instruments and statements filed with the register of deeds
LB536 Hughes Referral Clarify disbursement provisions for natural resources districts
LB593 Hughes Referral Create the offense of criminal trespass to vehicles
LR159 Hughes Referral Interim study to examine issues under the jurisdiction of the Natural Resources Committee
LR125 Hughes Referral Interim study to examine public power in Nebraska
LR126 Hughes Referral Interim study to examine the Nebraska Cooperative Republican Platte Enhancement project
LR160 Hughes Referral Interim study to examine the ability of municipalities in Nebraska to offer relocation incentives to attract new residents
LR150 Hughes Referral Interim study to examine the ratio of administration, faculty, and support staff to student enrollment within secondary education in Nebraska
LB275 Hughes General File Provide duties for law enforcement officers and rights and duties for private property owners regarding abandoned vehicles
LB317 Hughes Passed Provide for a relevy or reassessment of a special assessment for cities of the second class or villages as prescribed
LB537 Hughes Referral Provide for drug screening for applicants and recipients of cash assistance
LB90 Hughes Referral Require public entity to provide accommodations where Auditor of Public Accounts employee conducts audit or examination