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Document Primary Introducer Status Description
LB124 Baker General File Increase the probationary period of community college staff
LB239 Baker Passed Change provisions relating to trust funds under the Burial Pre-Need Sale Act
LB240 Baker Referral Provide for videoconferencing and telephone conferences for school board meetings
LB298 Baker Indefinitely postponed Change provisions relating to the Nebraska Strengthening Families Act and a task force
LB353 Baker Referral Change claim, award, and judgment payment provisions under the Political Subdivisions Tort Claims Act
LB405 Baker Referral Change provisions relating to DNA samples, DNA records, and thumbprints under the DNA Identification Information Act
LB474 Baker Referral Require insurance coverage for synchronizing prescription medications
LB656 Baker Referral Provide for claims against the state by persons wrongfully incarcerated
LB709 Baker Referral Change provisions relating to city and village plumbing boards and change a penalty
LB710 Baker Referral Change provisions relating to civil claims of four thousand dollars or less
LB711 Baker Referral Change requirements for use of occupant protection systems
LB907 Baker Referral Change provisions relating to a sales and use tax exemption for agricultural machinery and equipment
LB908 Baker Referral Provide a disposal exception for tires used in a building system and eliminate obsolete provisions under the Integrated Solid Waste Management Act
LB981 Baker Referral Change provisions relating to arraignment of juveniles and authorize juvenile court jurisdiction to age twenty-one with consent of the juvenile and legal counsel
LB1037 Baker Introduction Change provisions of the Nebraska Political Accountability and Disclosure Act relating to a potential conflict of interest by an elected office holder of certain cities or villages or a school district
LR20 Baker Recognize the rare total solar eclipse that the State of Nebraska will experience on August 21, 2017
LR58 Baker Congratulate the Lincoln Southwest High School girls' basketball team for winning the Class A state championship
LR82 Baker Congratulate Adam David Hanau on achieving the rank of Eagle Scout
LR128 Baker Recognize Reynolds Davis for his service to his community and the state