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Document Primary Introducer Status Description
LB60 Lindstrom Referral Change Parenting Act provisions relating to limitation or denial of custody or access to a child
LB137 Lindstrom Passed Adopt the Unclaimed Life Insurance Benefits Act
LB138 Lindstrom Passed Provide for transfer of business interests under uniform transfer-on-death security registration
LB184 Lindstrom Passed Change provisions relating to loan brokerage agreements, disclosure documents, and rights to cancel
LB185 Lindstrom Passed Provide procedure and notice requirements and powers and duties for the Department of Banking and Finance with respect to certain abandoned license applications
LB186 Lindstrom Passed Change provisions relating to licensee surety bonds under the Nebraska Money Transmitters Act
LB208 Lindstrom Referral Change provisions relating to broker trust accounts under the Nebraska Real Estate License Act
LB306 Lindstrom Passed Change provisions relating to the scope of coverage of and notice required under the Portable Electronics Insurance Act
LB341 Lindstrom Indefinitely postponed Change provisions relating to executive bank officer license revocation and suspension
LB384 Lindstrom Indefinitely postponed Change the rate of interest to be charged on installment loans under the Nebraska Installment Loan Act
LB385 Lindstrom Referral Change provisions relating to the burden of proof and who may appeal under the Tax Equalization and Review Commission Act
LB386 Lindstrom Referral Change time period a licensee under the Delayed Deposit Services Licensing Act may hold a check
LB387 Lindstrom Referral Change and eliminate provisions relating to various tax credit programs and economic development activities
LB388 Lindstrom Referral Authorize remote electronic notarial acts
LB452 Lindstrom Referral Impose sales tax on services and change income tax rates and personal exemption amounts
LB453 Lindstrom Referral Change provisions relating to income tax adjustments for social security benefits
LB454 Lindstrom Indefinitely postponed Allow credit unions to opt out of licensing loan officers
LB548 Lindstrom General File Provide for the consolidation of the Class V school employees' retirement system and the School Employees Retirement System of the State of Nebraska
LB549 Lindstrom Indefinitely postponed Eliminate requirement under the Nebraska Real Estate License Act that broker trust accounts be non-interest-bearing
LB550 Lindstrom Referral Change provisions relating to the Comprehensive Health Insurance Pool
LB736 Lindstrom Referral Change real estate agent duties with respect to certain written disclosures
LB737 Lindstrom Referral Adopt the First Responder Education Act
LB738 Lindstrom Passed Change revenue and taxation provisions relating to an adjustment to income for social security benefits
LB738A Lindstrom Passed Appropriation Bill
LB739 Lindstrom Referral Change the Sports Arena Facility Financing Assistance Act
LB740 Lindstrom Referral Provide for registration and licensing of metropolitan utilities district motor vehicles and trailers as prescribed
LB741 Lindstrom Passed Change provisions relating to real property appraisers
LB742 Lindstrom Passed Change provisions relating to noncompete agreements under the Franchise Practices Act
LB743 Lindstrom Passed Adopt the Public Adjusters Licensing Act, redefine insurance consultant, change prelicensing and continuing education requirements for licensees, change insurance producer requirements under the Nebraska Protection in Annuity Transactions Act, and change provisions under the Insured Homeowners Protection Act
LB811 Lindstrom General File Change prohibited uses of scanning devices and encoding machines
LB812 Lindstrom Passed Adopt federal banking provisions, revise powers of certain state-chartered financial institutions, and eliminate obsolete provisions
LB813 Lindstrom General File Redefine terms and adopt certain federal provisions relating to the Securities Act of Nebraska
LB855 Lindstrom General File Change Security, Privacy, and Dissemination of Criminal History Information Act provisions to provide for charges or offenses that have been pardoned
LB933 Lindstrom General File Provide prescription requirements for certain controlled substances
LB1071 Lindstrom Referral Adopt the Infrastructure Improvement and Replacement Assistance Act and provide for a turn back of state sales tax revenue
LR282 Lindstrom Recognize Pacific Life Insurance Company on its 150th anniversary
LR352 Lindstrom Referral Interim study to determine whether the Real Property Appraiser Act should be updated
LR373 Lindstrom Referral Interim study to examine the potential for public safety officers to retain a portion of pension funds for health care under section 402(l) of the Internal Revenue Code
LR413 Lindstrom Referral Interim study to examine strategies to strengthen Nebraska's workforce and build financial mobility and independence, particularly among working parents with young children