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Document Primary Introducer Status Description
LB35 Harr Passed Change provisions relating to the Nebraska Model Business Corporation Act
LB36 Harr Referral Provide for review by state agencies of occupational credentials and provide for a critical assessment document
LB37 Harr Referral Adopt the Uniform Wage Garnishment Act
LB38 Harr Indefinitely postponed Authorize electronic or digital signatures for instruments submitted to register of deeds
LB39 Harr General File Prohibit the sale and trade of ivory
LB115 Harr Referral Direct the Nebraska Tourism Commission to provide for certain uses of a fund
LB116 Harr Referral Redefine automobile liability policy and change coverage provisions
LB215 Harr Referral Adopt the Nebraska E-15 Tax Credit Act
LB216 Harr Referral Adopt the Redistricting Act
LB217 Harr Passed Change revenue, taxation, economic development, and tax incentive provisions
LB220 Harr General File Adopt the Insured Homeowners Protection Act
LB228 Harr Referral Change provisions relating to rent-restricted housing projects
LB248 Harr General File Adopt the Youth Opportunities in Learning and Occupations Act
LB249 Harr Referral Expand business inventory property tax exemption
LB250 Harr Referral Change provisions relating to probationers' rights
LB251 Harr Referral Redefine agricultural or horticultural purposes for revenue and taxation purposes
LB288 Harr Referral Change provisions relating to service of notice when applying for a tax deed and the laws governing tax sale certificates
LB325 Harr Referral Exempt certain purchases of energy star qualified products from sales and use taxes
LB379 Harr General File Create the Willa Cather Historical Building Cash Fund and provide for a transfer of funds
LB380 Harr Referral Change income tax rates, itemized deductions, and standard deductions
LB381 Harr Referral Change provisions relating to jury sequestration
LB458 Harr Passed Change provisions relating to the County Purchasing Act
LB492 Harr Passed Adopt the Self-Service Storage Facilities Act and authorize certain liens
LB528 Harr Referral Change provisions relating to the New Markets Job Growth Investment Act
LB529 Harr Referral Authorize county courts sitting as probate courts in cases of guardianship to authorize abortions in judicial by-pass cases
LB530 Harr Indefinitely postponed Change requirements for providing information to the Legislative Fiscal Analyst and provide for withholding appropriations
LB531 Harr Referral Change sales tax collection fees for motor vehicles
LB557 Harr Referral Adopt the Great Opportunities Nebraska Act
LB763 Harr Referral Prohibit obstruction of a public power district employee
LB807 Harr Referral Provide for replacement of a statue in the United States Capitol
LB808 Harr Referral Change provisions relating to community gardens and seed libraries
LB809 Harr Referral Prohibit charging members of the Legislature fees for public record requests
LB810 Harr Withdrawn Change provisions of State Tort Claims Act relating to certain claims arising out of misrepresentation or deceit by the Department of Health and Human Services
LB872 Harr Referral Change provisions relating to appeals by prosecutors
LB883 Harr Referral Provide for appointment of independent counsel to prosecute crimes by state officials or employees and change powers and duties of the Attorney General
LB884 Harr Referral Change and eliminate provisions relating to county sales and use taxes
LB885 Harr General File Change provisions relating to property tax protests
LB978 Harr Referral Change provisions relating to garnishment
LB1011 Harr Referral Provide a duty for drivers approaching certain stopped vehicles on a roadway as prescribed under the Nebraska Rules of the Road
LB1012 Harr General File Authorize self-service storage facility operator insurance producer licenses
LB1047 Harr Referral Change provisions under the Nebraska Uniform Power of Attorney Act relating to banks and other financial institutions
LB1048 Harr Referral Change provisions relating to the personal exemption credit
LB1049 Harr Referral Redefine low-speed vehicle
LB1050 Harr Referral Provide an adjustment to income for certain charitable contributions
LB1108 Harr Referral Authorize certain tax credits, change the sales tax rate, and provide for school foundation aid and certain grant programs
LB1109 Harr Referral Create the Grow Nebraska Through Quality Employment Strategic Partnership
LR3 Harr Referral Create the Task Force on the Nebraska State Flag
LR48 Harr Resolution Celebrate the thirty-fourth anniversary of Nebraska's sister-state relationship with Taiwan
LR56 Harr Resolution Congratulate the Omaha Creighton Prep swimming team for winning the 2017 boys' state swimming and diving championship
LR57 Harr Resolution Congratulate Linda Kennedy for being a finalist for the 2017 Prudential Spirit of Community Award
LR116 Harr Resolution Recognize Chancellor John E. Christensen for his years of service to the University of Nebraska at Omaha and congratulate him on his retirement
LR225 Harr Referral Interim study to assess the condition of property related to Willa Cather as described in section 82-129
LR267 Harr Resolution Express sympathy to the family of Helen Condon Jenkins