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Document Primary Introducer Status Description
LB1061 Louden Indefinitely postponed Provide for fees, rebates, and grants relating to electronic equipment recycling
LB1062 Karpisek Indefinitely postponed Change election recount provisions
LB1063 Chambers Indefinitely postponed Change a penalty from death to life imprisonment without possibility of parole
LB1064 Kopplin Indefinitely postponed Provide for Legion of Merit license plates
LB1065 Louden Indefinitely postponed Provide for customer-generators of electricity
LB1066 Louden Indefinitely postponed Change provisions relating to special generation applications before the Nebraska Power Review Board
LB1067 Aguilar Passed Change provisions allocating election costs to political subdivisions
LB1068 Louden Passed Create the road classification of remote residential road and require a public transportation report
LB1069 Dubas Indefinitely postponed Change provisions governing railroad companies blocking certain railroad crossings
LB1070 Dubas Indefinitely postponed Provide for a child placement resources form for a child placed with the Department of Health and Human Services
LB1071 Karpisek Indefinitely postponed Impose an excise tax on wire transfers
LB1072 Friend Passed Change the State Natural Gas Regulation Act
LB1073 Pahls Indefinitely postponed Adopt the Nebraska Construction Prompt Pay Act
LB1074 Nantkes Indefinitely postponed Provide requirements for owners and certified operators of swimming pools
LB1075 Lathrop Indefinitely postponed Appropriate funds to the Board of Regents of the University of Nebraska to provide support for the Nebraska Regional Poison Center
LB1076 Rogert Indefinitely postponed Prohibit additional restrictions on firearms and ammunition
LB1077 Rogert Indefinitely postponed Provide for collection of DNA samples upon arrest for certain offenses
LB1078 Pirsch Indefinitely postponed Provide name change court orders to child abuse and sex offender registries
LB1079 Raikes Indefinitely postponed Exclude a portion of legal expenses from the definition of general fund operating expenditures in the Tax Equity and Educational Opportunities Support Act
LB1080 Raikes Indefinitely postponed Change tax levy provisions relating to school districts
LB1081 Raikes Indefinitely postponed Change budget limits of educational service units
LB1082 Cornett Indefinitely postponed Amend the Nebraska Workers' Compensation Act to redefine injury and personal injuries
LB1083 Raikes Indefinitely postponed Change tax levy and funding provisions for school districts, school districts that are members of learning communities, and educational service units
LB1084 Flood Indefinitely postponed Change provisions relating to assault on an officer
LB1085 Flood Indefinitely postponed Change Parenting Act and other domestic relations provisions
LB1086 Lautenbaugh Indefinitely postponed Change workers' compensation provisions relating to third-party claims, subrogation, and settlement
LB1087 Dierks Indefinitely postponed Change proof of ownership requirements pending motor vehicle registration
LB1088 Dierks Indefinitely postponed Eliminate limits on tax credits under the Nebraska Advantage Microenterprise Tax Credit Act
LB1089 Dierks Indefinitely postponed Annul orders of the State Committee for the Reorganization of School Districts pursuant to Laws 2005, LB 126
LB1090 Lathrop Indefinitely postponed Change insurance provisions relating to underinsured motorist coverage
LR230CA Pedersen Indefinitely postponed Constitutional amendment to permit exemption of the increased value of a homestead from taxation