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Document Primary Introducer Status Description
LB744 Aguilar Passed Permit leasing of state property to the federal government or political subdivisions
LB745 Aguilar Passed Change exemption provisions relating to the State Personnel System
LB746 Aguilar Passed Change provisions relating to tuition credits for National Guard members
LB747 Aguilar Passed Change provisions relating to energy financing contracts
LB750 Aguilar Passed Designate the Secretary of State's Office as a voter registration agency
LB761 Avery Indefinitely postponed Create the BRAC Task Force to examine issues relating to the military base realignment and closure process
LB762 Avery Indefinitely postponed Create a sales tax holiday for school-related purchases
LB763 Avery Indefinitely postponed Create the Nebraska State Capitol Environs District Revitalization Task Force
LB793 Burling Indefinitely postponed Change which county pays for costs of emergency protective custody and proceedings
LB743 Christensen Indefinitely postponed Eliminate restrictions on trapping wildlife in county road rights-of-way
LB751 Christensen Indefinitely postponed Change noxious weed funding provisions relating to stream vegetation removal
LB764 Cornett Passed Prohibit certain treatment of bovines and equines
LB766 Cornett Passed Regulate scrap metal recycling
LB767 Cornett Indefinitely postponed Authorize leave for members of the Civil Air Patrol
LB768 Cornett Passed Provide sanitary and improvement districts with the power to contract for library services
LB769 Cornett Indefinitely postponed Change provisions relating to offenses against animals
LB770 Cornett Indefinitely postponed Exclude military retirement benefits from taxation
LB722 Engel Indefinitely postponed Change the tax on tobacco products
LB723 Engel Indefinitely postponed Change the State Electrical Act
LB788 Erdman Indefinitely postponed Adopt the Anthrax Control Act
LB789 Erdman Passed Change grant provisions under the Agricultural Opportunities and Value-Added Partnerships Act
LB790 Erdman Passed Change buffer strip reimbursement provisions
LB791 Erdman Passed Provide for rules for certified seed potatoes
LB706 Executive Board: Engel, Chairperson Passed Revisor bill to correct erroneous references in a statute governing limited cooperative associations
LB707 Executive Board: Engel, Chairperson Passed Revisor bill to repeal statutes that terminated on January 1, 2001, relating to partnerships
LB729 Flood Indefinitely postponed Redefine exotic animals for auctions and swap meets
LB730 Flood Indefinitely postponed Change emergency medical services classifications and training
LB752 Flood Passed Change membership provisions of the Nebraska Capitol Commission
LB734 Fulton Passed Change employee benefit plan provisions for certain political subdivisions
LB735 Fulton Indefinitely postponed Rename the Sexual Predator Residency Restriction Act and provide for certain employment restrictions
LB736 Fulton Passed Provide for ignition interlock permits and change provisions relating to other driving permits and penalties for driving under the influence
LB737 Fulton Indefinitely postponed Provide income tax credits for returns filed claiming dependents eligible for assistance
LB738 Fulton Indefinitely postponed Change brain injury registry notification and reporting requirements
LB739 Fulton Indefinitely postponed Provide for the waiver of a fine or penalty for an information collection requirement for small businesses
LB740 Fulton Withdrawn Change provisions relating to authorized emergency vehicles
LB741 Fulton Indefinitely postponed Change distribution of motor vehicle tax proceeds
LB760 Gay Indefinitely postponed Create the Nebraska State Library Task Force
LB765 Gay Passed Change provisions relating to certificates of need
LB771 Gay Indefinitely postponed Provide funding for expressways and transfer money from the Cash Reserve Fund
LB787 Gay Indefinitely postponed Create degrees of offenses of assault on an emergency services provider or a health care provider
LB782 Howard Passed Allow disclosure of child abuse and neglect information
LB783 Howard Indefinitely postponed Provide an income tax credit for adoption expenses as prescribed
LB784 Howard Indefinitely postponed Prohibit immigration law violators from receiving incentives under the Nebraska Advantage Act
LB785 Howard Indefinitely postponed Require seller of residential real estate to provide purchaser with information regarding sex offender registration
LB786 Howard Indefinitely postponed Regulate traffic approaching or passing a stopped authorized emergency vehicle
LB757 Hudkins Indefinitely postponed Adopt the Volunteer Emergency Responders Incentive Act
LB758 Hudkins Indefinitely postponed Increase motor fuel taxes and allocate and reallocate revenue
LB759 Hudkins Indefinitely postponed Change provisions relating to relabeling and redispensing prescription drugs
LB772 Hudkins Indefinitely postponed Provide for state payment for county and district court courtroom security
LB773 Hudkins Indefinitely postponed Change unclassified county service position provisions relating to bailiffs
LB777 Hudkins Passed Redefine agricultural land and horticultural land for property tax purposes
LB742 Johnson Indefinitely postponed Change licensure provisions relating to engineers
LB728 Karpisek Passed Change provisions relating to the state song
LB792 Karpisek Indefinitely postponed Change provisions governing insurance producers
LB731 Kopplin Indefinitely postponed Authorize issuance of a teaching certificate to a military spouse
LB732 Kopplin Indefinitely postponed Exempt first twenty-five thousand dollars of residential property values from taxation
LB733 Kopplin Indefinitely postponed Create a homestead exemption
LR220CA Kopplin Indefinitely postponed Constitutional amendment to authorize different property tax treatment of residential property
LB794 McGill Indefinitely postponed Change provisions relating to the criminal responsibility of intoxicated persons and the insanity defense
LB724 Natural Resources Committee Passed Change fees under the Remedial Action Plan Monitoring Act
LB725 Natural Resources Committee Indefinitely postponed Provide for grants under the Waste Reduction and Recycling Incentive Act
LB726 Natural Resources Committee Passed Change provisions relating to the Wastewater Treatment Facilities Construction Loan Fund
LB727 Natural Resources Committee Passed Change provisions relating to hearings conducted by the Department of Natural Resources
LB708 Pahls Indefinitely postponed Adopt the Sales Tax Holiday Act
LB709 Pahls Indefinitely postponed Permit motor vehicle and motorcycle dealers to issue certificates of title and registration and license plates
LB710 Pahls Passed Require notice of sale of real property by a land reutilization authority
LB711 Pahls Indefinitely postponed Change disability benefit provisions under the Judges Retirement Act and the School Employees Retirement Act
LB712 Pahls Indefinitely postponed Provide for daytime running lights on motor vehicles
LB713 Pahls Indefinitely postponed Prohibit physicians from administering certain fat-dissolving substances
LB714 Pahls Indefinitely postponed Exclude social security benefits from income tax and homestead exemption calculations
LB715 Pahls Passed Change provisions relating to nonresident real estate licensees
LB716 Pahls Indefinitely postponed Change provisions relating to the effect of errors and omissions in a financing statement
LB717 Pahls Indefinitely postponed Change provisions relating to finance
LB778 Pirsch Indefinitely postponed Change property tax assessment and equalization provisions
LB779 Pirsch Indefinitely postponed Change requirements for filing certain statements with the Director of Insurance under the Multiple Employer Welfare Arrangement Act
LB780 Pirsch Indefinitely postponed Change provisions relating to the duty to stop after an accident
LB748 Rogert Indefinitely postponed Adopt the Interior Designers Certification Act
LB781 Rogert Passed Change the Uniform Deceptive Trade Practices Act
LB718 Schimek Indefinitely postponed Exempt purchases by organizations like Habitat for Humanity from sales tax
LB719 Schimek Indefinitely postponed Change qualification provisions for membership on the State Board of Education
LB720 Schimek Passed Change requirement regarding prerecorded messages
LB721 Schimek Indefinitely postponed Change Capitol Landscape Restoration Master Plan provisions
LB749 Stuthman Indefinitely postponed Provide for electronic application submission and a civil penalty for manufactured homes
LB795 Stuthman Indefinitely postponed Provide appropriations for community health centers
LB753 Synowiecki Indefinitely postponed Provide for nurse practitioners to practice without integrated practice agreements
LB754 Synowiecki Passed Change provisions of the Convention Center Facility Financing Assistance Act
LB755 Transportation and Telecommunications Committee Passed Change Public Service Commission powers and duties
LB756 Transportation and Telecommunications Committee Passed Change provisions relating to motor vehicle operation, titling, and registration and motorboat titling
LB774 Wightman Indefinitely postponed Change provisions relating to filing for modification of child support orders
LB775 Wightman Passed Change deputy court clerks provisions
LB776 Wightman Indefinitely postponed Change fees received by registers of deeds