Current Priority Bill Listing

Final Date For Priority Submissions: March 9, 2017

Senator Priority Bills
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Priority Document
Status Description
Senator Wishart LB622 Senator Wishart General File Adopt the Medical Cannabis Act
Senator Wayne LB75 Senator Wayne Governor Veto Provide for restoration of voting rights upon completion of a felony sentence or probation for a felony
Senator Watermeier LB44 Senator Watermeier Select File Adopt the Remote Seller Sales Tax Collection Act
Senator Walz LB444 Senator Walz Passed Prohibit cities and counties from canceling health insurance coverage for injured first responders as prescribed and include under the Nebraska Workers' Compensation Act frontline state employees with respect to personal injuries
Senator Vargas LB427 Senator Vargas Passed Authorize schools and the State Department of Education to adopt policies relating to pregnant and parenting students, authorize training regarding such policies, and authorize breastfeeding accommodations for student-parents
Senator Williams LB496 Senator Stinner Select File Define and redefine terms under the Community Development Law
Senator Clements LB222 Senator Stinner Passed Change membership and provide, change, and eliminate powers and duties of the Nebraska Tourism Commission
Senator Lindstrom LB337 Senator Smith Referral Change income tax rates and provide for deferrals of the rate changes
Senator Stinner LB233 Senator Smith General File Change revenue and taxation provisions
Senator Schumacher LB268 Senator Schumacher Passed Change court and other provisions relating to medical assistance reimbursement
Senator Scheer LB376 Senator Scheer Passed Donate property to the Northeast Community College Area
Senator Riepe LB417 Senator Riepe Passed Change and eliminate provisions relating to public health and welfare
Senator Quick LB181 Senator Quick General File Provide for reimbursement to employees for certain medical examinations under the Nebraska Workers' Compensation Act
Senator Baker LB122 Senator Pansing Brooks Passed Provide for family member visitation petitions
Senator Pansing Brooks LB158 Senator Pansing Brooks General File Change provisions relating to appointment of counsel for juveniles
Senator Murante LR1CA Senator Murante General File Constitutional amendment to require voter identification
Senator Brewer LB340 Senator Murante Passed Transfer powers and duties from Division of Veterans' Homes of Department of Health and Human Services to Department of Veterans' Affairs
Senator Morfeld LB641 Senator Morfeld Passed Create a Bioscience Innovation Program and the Nebraska Economic Development Task Force
Senator Bolz LB173 Senator Morfeld General File Prohibit discrimination based upon sexual orientation and gender identity
Senator McDonnell LB578 Senator McDonnell Passed Adopt the Ground Emergency Medical Transport Act
Senator McCollister LB358 Senator McCollister General File Change income eligibility provisions relating to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program
Senator Lowe LB368 Senator Lowe General File Change helmet provisions, change passenger age limits, and require eye protection for operators of motorcycles and mopeds
Senator Linehan LB651 Senator Linehan General File Adopt the Nebraska Reading Improvement Act
Senator Larson LB291 Senator Larson Select File Adopt the Special Economic Impact Zone Act and change the Nebraska Investment Finance Authority Act and the Nebraska Revenue Act of 1967 as prescribed
Senator Howard LB223 Senator Kuehn Passed Change provisions relating to prescription drug monitoring
Senator Kuehn LB661 Senator Kuehn General File Provide for confidentiality of information relating to performing a lethal injection
Senator Krist LB9 Senator Krist Passed Adopt the Radon Resistant New Construction Act
Senator Kolterman LB92 Senator Kolterman Passed Require health carriers to provide coverage for telehealth services and change telehealth provisions relating to children's behavioral health
Senator Kolowski LB484 Senator Kolowski Referral Create the School Financing Review Commission
Senator Hughes LB535 Senator Hughes Passed Change requirements for instruments and statements filed with the register of deeds
Senator Hilkemann LB91 Senator Hilkemann Passed Change provisions relating to infant health screenings
Senator Geist LB271 Senator Hilgers Passed Authorize the Department of Roads to assume certain responsibilities under federal environmental laws and provide for limited waiver of the state's sovereign immunity
Senator Hilgers LB68 Senator Hilgers Select File Prohibit certain regulation of firearms, ammunition, and firearm accessories by counties, cities, and villages as prescribed and create firearm offenses
Senator Harr LB248 Senator Harr General File Adopt the Youth Opportunities in Learning and Occupations Act
Senator Hansen LB259 Senator Hansen Passed Adopt and change competency and financial ability provisions relating to court proceedings as prescribed
Senator Groene LB595 Senator Groene General File Provide for the use of physical force or physical restraint or removal from a class in response to student behavior
Senator Friesen LB640 Senator Groene General File Change provisions of the Property Tax Credit Act and provide school district property tax relief
Senator Briese LB265 Senator Friesen Referral Provide for a minimum amount of state aid based on the number of students in a local system
Senator Bostelman LB144 Senator Friesen Referral Change agricultural and horticultural adjusted valuations for calculating state aid to schools
Senator Smith LB161 Senator Friesen Passed Change a carryover period under the Nebraska Advantage Act
Senator Erdman LB432 Senator Erdman Passed Change provisions of the Nebraska Budget Act relating to allowances for delinquent taxes and anticipated litigation
Senator Ebke LB34 Senator Ebke Passed Change filing requirements for partisan candidates
Senator Halloran LR6 Senator Ebke General File Resolution to Congress for convention of the states to propose amendments to the U.S. Constitution
Senator Crawford LB225 Senator Crawford Passed Change provisions of the Child Protection and Family Safety Act, the Nebraska Juvenile Code, the Foster Care Review Act, and the Nebraska Strengthening Families Act as prescribed
Senator Craighead LB195 Senator Craighead Passed Require notification following mammography as prescribed
Senator Chambers LB447 Senator Chambers Select File Change penalty provisions relating to criminal conspiracy and certain drug-related offenses
Senator Brasch LB338 Senator Brasch Referral Adopt the Agricultural Valuation Fairness Act
Senator Blood LB88 Senator Blood Passed Adopt the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact and the Nurse Licensure Compact and change and eliminate other provisions relating to the regulation of health professionals
Senator Albrecht LB506 Senator Albrecht Passed Adopt the Compassion and Care for Medically Challenging Pregnancies Act and provide duties for the State Child and Maternal Death Review Team

Committee Priority Bills

Priority Document
Status Description
Business and Labor Committee LB518 Senator Williams Passed Adopt the Rural Workforce Housing Investment Act and transfer funds from the Affordable Housing Trust Fund
Legislative Performance Audit Committee LB543 Senator Watermeier Referral Change provisions relating to applications and reporting requirements under the Nebraska Advantage Act
Legislative Performance Audit Committee LB210 Senator Watermeier Passed Change provisions relating to performance audit standards and the distribution of reports under the Legislative Performance Audit Act
Transportation and Telecommunications Committee LB263 Transportation and Telecommunications Committee Passed Change provisions relating to motor vehicles, the Public Service Commission, motor carriers, and the statewide one-call notification center
Appropriations Committee LB611 Senator Stinner General File Require state agencies to provide a federal funding inventory
Revenue Committee LB461 Senator Smith General File Correct references to a federal act in a revenue statute
Legislature's Planning Committee
(Contingent upon the adoption of the permanent rules)
LB373 Senator Schumacher Referral Change and eliminate revenue and taxation provisions
Banking, Commerce and Insurance Committee LB72 Senator Schumacher Passed Change provisions relating to cities and villages filing for bankruptcy
Banking, Commerce and Insurance Committee LB148 Senator Schumacher Passed Change provisions of the Securities Act of Nebraska
Health and Human Services Committee LB333 Senator Riepe Passed Change provisions relating to custody, services, and assistance for persons with developmental disabilities
Health and Human Services Committee LB335 Senator Riepe Passed Change provisions relating to a child care market rate survey
State-Tribal Relations Committee LB407 Senator Pansing Brooks Passed Create and provide duties for the Whiteclay Public Health Emergency Task Force
Judiciary Committee LB289 Senator Pansing Brooks Passed Change and provide provisions relating to sex offenses and domestic violence protection orders, provide for sexual assault protection orders, and change provisions relating to paternity of a child conceived as a result of sexual assault
Natural Resources Committee LB566 Natural Resources Committee Passed Adopt the Interstate Wildlife Violator Compact and change other penalties and fines under the Game Law
Government, Military and Veterans Affairs Committee LB451 Senator Murante Passed Change various provisions relating to elections as prescribed
Judiciary Committee LB487 Senator Morfeld Passed Provide and change immunity provisions relating to naloxone and asthma and allergic reactions and change provisions of the Uniform Controlled Substances Act
General Affairs Committee LB632 Senator Larson Select File Change provisions relating to the Nebraska Liquor Control Act and name the Music Licensing Agency Act
Urban Affairs Committee LB625 Senator Larson Passed Change the Property Assessed Clean Energy Act
General Affairs Committee LB470 Senator Larson Indefinitely postponed Change provisions of the Nebraska County and City Lottery Act relating to the manner of play of keno, use of electronic tickets, and authorized methods of payment
Business and Labor Committee LB203 Senator Kuehn Passed Change provisions relating to maximum annual unemployment benefits and disqualification for benefits and authorize electronic notice
Executive Board LB207 Senator Krist Passed Change provisions relating to powers and duties of the Office of Inspector General of Nebraska Child Welfare
Executive Board LB539 Senator Krist Passed Change the Office of Inspector General of the Nebraska Correctional System Act
Nebraska Retirement Systems Committee LB415 Senator Kolterman Passed Change provisions relating to certain retirement plans as prescribed
Nebraska Retirement Systems Committee LB30 Senator Kolterman Referral Provide for a cash balance benefit plan by cities of the metropolitan and primary classes for certain police officers or firefighters as prescribed
Natural Resources Committee LB182 Senator Hughes Passed Change powers and duties of the Department of Environmental Quality under the Drinking Water State Revolving Fund Act
Revenue Committee LB217 Senator Harr Passed Change revenue, taxation, economic development, and tax incentive provisions
Education Committee LB409 Senator Groene Passed Change the base limitation, local effort rate, and net option funding for school districts and the learning community transition aid calculation
Government, Military and Veterans Affairs Committee LB644 Government, Military and Veterans Affairs Committee Passed Provide, change, and eliminate provisions governing boards, commissions, and similar entities
Transportation and Telecommunications Committee LB339 Senator Friesen Passed Merge the Department of Aeronautics into the Department of Roads and rename as the Department of Transportation
Education Committee LB512 Education Committee Passed Change provisions related to education
Urban Affairs Committee LB590 Senator Crawford Passed Change state building code provisions
Appropriations Committee LB356 Senator Bolz General File Create the Civic Engagement Cash Fund and state intent relating to fund transfers
Agriculture Committee LB276 Senator Albrecht Passed Change provisions relating to hybrid seed corn and provide enforcement powers and judicial remedies
Agriculture Committee LB600 Agriculture Committee Passed Change various provisions of the Livestock Brand Act relating to the Nebraska Brand Committee

Speaker Priority Bills

Priority Document
Status Description
Speaker Scheer LB151 Stinner Passed Change and provide for duties of the Auditor of Public Accounts and certain audited entities
Speaker Scheer LB605 Riepe Passed Change rate provisions relating to the ICF/DD Reimbursement Protection Fund
Speaker Scheer LB647 Pansing Brooks Passed Change judges' salaries
Speaker Scheer LB296 McCollister Indefinitely postponed Change immunity provisions with respect to asthma and allergic reactions
Speaker Scheer LB346 Lowe Passed Eliminate the requirement for a motor vehicle, motorcycle, or trailer salesperson license
Speaker Scheer LB267 Linehan Passed Change provisions relating to onsite vaccinations at health care facilities
Speaker Scheer LB137 Lindstrom Passed Adopt the Unclaimed Life Insurance Benefits Act
Speaker Scheer LB628 Larson General File Prohibit ordinances and resolutions prohibiting certain short-term rentals of residential property
Speaker Scheer LB481 Kuehn Passed Provide for drug product selection for interchangeable biological products
Speaker Scheer LB300 Krist Passed Change the statute of limitations on civil actions for sexual assault of a child
Speaker Scheer LB166 Kolterman Passed Change provisions of Uniform Controlled Substances Act and Pharmacy Practice Act
Speaker Scheer LB323 Kolterman Passed Adopt the Palliative Care and Quality of Life Act
Speaker Scheer LB317 Hughes Passed Provide for a relevy or reassessment of a special assessment for cities of the second class or villages as prescribed
Speaker Scheer LB35 Harr Passed Change provisions relating to the Nebraska Model Business Corporation Act
Speaker Scheer LB478 Groene Passed Provide for possession of archery equipment and knives for recreational purposes
Speaker Scheer LB98 Friesen General File Extend certain levy authority for natural resources districts
Speaker Scheer LB389 Friesen Referral Adopt the Small Wireless Facilities Act
Speaker Scheer LB509 Ebke Passed Change and eliminate provisions relating to subpoenas, witness fees, and compulsory process as prescribed
Speaker Scheer LB253 Crawford Passed Authorize intergovernmental service agreements under the County Industrial Sewer Construction Act and authorize a use for a sewer tax levy
Speaker Scheer LB97 Crawford Passed Adopt the Riverfront Development District Act
Speaker Scheer LB257 Craighead Passed Provide for a statute of limitations for claims relating to real estate brokerage services
Speaker Scheer LB152 Craighead Passed Change and eliminate provisions relating to the fees for recording and filing certain documents
Speaker Scheer LB639 Bostelman Passed Change when a preference is required for certain government employment relating to servicemembers and their spouses and veterans
Speaker Scheer LB180 Bolz Passed Provide for bridge orders transferring juvenile court jurisdiction of a juvenile to a district court
Speaker Scheer LB172 Albrecht Passed Change the Employment Security Law

Speaker Designated Major Proposals

Priority Document
Status Description
Speaker Scheer LB331 Speaker Scheer Passed Create funds, provide for transfers, change provisions governing funds, and change the reserve requirement
Speaker Scheer LB332 Speaker Scheer Passed Change Cash Reserve Fund provisions
Speaker Scheer LB330 Speaker Scheer Passed Appropriate funds for capital construction and property acquisition
Speaker Scheer LB327 Speaker Scheer Passed Appropriate funds for the expenses of Nebraska State Government for the biennium ending June 30, 2019