Nebraska Revised Statute 72-312

Chapter 72 Section 312


Alkali, potash, or saline lakes partly on state land; joint operation; failure to agree; effect.

Alkali, potash, or saline lakes, ponds, or marshes, located partly upon state lands and partly upon private lands, shall be measured, tested, and analyzed by the Conservation and Survey Division of the University of Nebraska which shall report to the Board of Educational Lands and Funds, and the proportion of the area and content belonging to each owner shall be determined from such report. If the state lessees and private owners or lessees are unable to agree for joint operation of such area, no alkali, potash, or salines in solution shall be removed from such ponds, lakes, or marshes until after thirty days' notice by certified or registered mail to all parties concerned. Any or all parties may then operate by rendering monthly an accounting to the board and by paying to the county treasurer in the county in which the land is located, for the state educational funds, the royalty due the state, as determined by the board. The state shall, at all times, be permitted to examine the books and methods of bookkeeping with relation to the accounts in which the state is interested and to furnish, if deemed necessary by the board, assistants to make analyses or for checking the quality and quantity of minerals or substances removed.


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