44-2501. Domestic insurer; prohibited acts.

No domestic insurer shall enter into any contract of insurance upon the life or person of a resident of a reciprocal state, or covering property or risks located in a reciprocal state, unless the insurer is authorized pursuant to the laws of such reciprocal state to do business therein, except that a domestic insurer may:

(a) Enter into a contract when the prospective insured is personally present in the state in which the insurer is authorized to do business when he signs the application;

(b) Issue a certificate under any lawfully transacted group life or group disability policy, when the master policy is entered into in a state in which the insurer is authorized to do business;

(c) Make a contract pursuant to a pension or retirement plan of an employer when such contract is applied for in a state where the employer is personally present or doing business and the insurer is authorized to do business; and

(d) Renew, reinstate, convert, or continue in force, with or without modification, any contract otherwise lawfully entered into and which was not originally entered into in violation of this section.

Source:Laws 1973, LB 425, ยง 1.